Kekkai Sensen episode 1 [First Impression]: Welcome to our Crazy NYC

Kekkai Sensen monster behind you

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Kekkai Sense is the story of a normal boy in a completely fucked up New York City. We are in the world where monster appear left and right, people kill each other and survive every single day without having a single care for the unbelievable things happening all around them. Our main character gets lucky and gets recruited in an organization that tries to protect humanity from the crazy things happening in their city. The show is made by Bones, so it is quite likely that this won’t turn into a complete flop and instead will keep getting better over time. The story telling for this first episode was top notch, I didn’t feel particularly interested in the main protagonist or the direction the story was taking in general, but the way the episode unfolded, the different way the background stories were revealed and the multiple skip to different scenes was marvelously done. I think that the structure and Directing of the episode is what awe me most of Kekkai Sensen, the animation was good too, so was the soundtrack, but it is really the directing that takes the cake for me.

Kekkai Sensen make a choice

I have some issues with the show though. One, while I love the originally and randomness of the universe they are in, I also find all the characters introduced so far to be really boring and I’m not feeling attached to any of them. To make matter worse, I have issues with the voice acting in this anime, it just feels like a lot of character really don’t have the voice I would expect them to have. Just about every character in Libra just feel absolutely out of character to me, I just have trouble associating the voice to the characters and it breaks the illusion for me. Other than this though, Kekkai Sensen looks like a real gem when it comes to anime, it seems technically perfect.

Kekkai Sensen Libra

Yet somehow, despite my praising, I just can’t get into it. It is not just the voice acting either, it would be something I could overlook, but there is an element that I cannot quite understand that do not satisfy my interest. Everything looked great, everything was fun and compelling, but I felt turned off by it. Maybe I’m just burned out by the genre, maybe it is just a spark missing? I have no idea, I’d still recommend this show to just about everyone, it looks fantastic, I’ll just assume something is wrong with me here. Do watch this show for me and tell me what I’m missing and remember me to regret my decision not to watch it.

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