Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai episode 1 [First Impression]: Puppeteer

Indestructible Machine Dolls how to stop a train

Well what we have here, another somewhat generic shounen that manages to still be quite interesting? Why yes, Unbreakable Dolls is just that. Pretty character, awesome power, a school setting and a thirst for vengeance, we have everything we need for a good yet generic anime. Now the show will obviously not win prizes for its originality and for the characters, up to now the format has been done thousands of times before and it is just another one of those. But of course there is always a reason why things are done thousands of time over and repeated once again and that’s because it works.

Indestructible Machine Dolls naked machine

The show is actually good looking and the concept of dolls, while not that special, makes it more interesting because of the actual emotion, and I dare say kinkiness, of those fighting machines. I found every machine to be much more interesting than their puppeteer so far, but it is not such a bad thing as the puppets are at the very center of the show anyways. The story will probably have to become a bit more complex than what was first shown in the first episode because otherwise the whole plot could end in only 3 or 4 episodes. I suppose there will either be some new factor to enter the show or there will simply be a shitload of filler episodes. Either way this show could go the extra mile if it is done right, it is the perfect “good but not great” show of the season that most people will watch and enjoy.

Indestructible Machine Dolls fighting dragons

I won’t be blogging this show as there are unfortunately already too many great shows out there this season, but I will watch it if time permits. I recommend this show to any shounen lover as it is sure to meet your expectations or so I believe.

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