Kill la Kill episode 1 [First Impression]: Battle Uniform at the ready

Kill la Kill oppai

Wow this show is amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show as it was completely different from what I’m used to. Turns out the show is exactly that, completely different from what we are used to. I really love the format of the show, it is rather raw and to the point, but it is also hilarious and so entertaining.

Kill la Kill weird overexagerated art

The show will probably consist only of a series of battle with very little story or character development or anything, but I can already see the appeal of the show nonetheless. There is action, there is comedy, there is power-ups and 1 on 1 battles, there is ecchi. All of those things together must combine for a very special and interesting show that falls right into my kind of genre. I must say that the shallowness of the show was a turn off at first, but the show is some kind of weird thing that you can’t compare to anything else. I don’t think it is meant to have a story, it is not meant to be immersive, not meant to be more than what it appears to be, the show is raw and as it is and that is a quality in itself.

Kill la Kill super boxing glove

The art style is completely different than the norm, rather unpolished and crude, but it is also what makes this show look and act so much different than what we are used to. It is part of its charm and one of the reason why I like it so much. The show is aimed towards an older audience and yet it remains so stupidly simple and stupid, there is beauty in this contrast. You already know people will die, people will get naked and the jokes will be kind of hilarious even though they won’t be subtle in the least. Everything about the show is overdone and exaggerated and it feels like a great parody while not being a real parody in itself.

Kill la Kill human shield

Kill la Kill is definitively an anime that interest me and that I find refreshing and I will try to blog it this season. Although I did say try to because since the show is so dry of actual depth and because it is mainly an action show, I feel like giving commentary on it every week might prove rather difficult, but I will only know until I try and since I’ll be watching this show either way, I might as well try.

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