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What is this? Since when did we cover Kill la Kill here ? While it is true that I have not touched Kill la Kill since episode 2 when it comes to blogging, I was still watching the show avidly and I’m in love with it. Considering the sudden change in the show and how everything is turning out so much more awesome than I originally expected (and also because there are so few good new show to blog that started out in 2014), I will be blogging Kill la Kill from now on. Because I have not blogged it from episode 3 to 15, I will try to make a really, really quick overview of what I think of the show so far and then I’ll go into the episode itself.

Kill la Kill queen

Kill la Kill was one of those shows that, when it started in Fall 2013, I knew would become excellent. The show is a parody of itself and other anime of the genre and stretch all norm and limit of anime to produce a surreal experience that is so cliché, satirical and fresh.  I never imagined that the show would turn into something with such a compelling story and get me interested with something more than just action and humour. Kill la Kill has now taken a path which I never expected it to take, the show has now turned into a critic of nudity in anime and how clothing should be represented. By going completely over the top in the way that clothes are depicted in the show they are critiquing other anime, mostly magical girls and shounen, character outfit. By completely oversexualizing the outfit in Kill la Kill, they managed to make it seem so absurd that it is difficult to find it erotic or perverted anymore, at this point the clothing are beyond anything sexually provocative and instead they are hilarious and the center of the comedy going on in the show. But enough with this and on to episode 16.

Welcome to the Recap episode of Kill la Kill ! Where the recap essentially tell the whole story really really fast and you could have just watched the whole show in fast forward x24 for the same result.. They sure got me good with that fake recap because I was already starting to be disappointed the second it was announced. I was so scared that I wouldn’t get to have a real episode this week. This show sure knows what it should be like and what to do to break down convention and ridicule both the viewers and other anime…it is simply amazing. Remember when I talked earlier that the show focused a lot on clothing and how important it is? Well now the new Opening is all about that. From the song to the animation, it is all about clothes and their meaning in society. While it is rather obvious that the meaning of clothes is completely exaggerated in the show, a viewers who looks into the details could easily see that there is actually a much deeper moral and point made by the show. Kill la Kill is trying to make us think as to the meaning of clothes for us as individual, and what it does for us as a society and a species. I will probably elaborate more on this observation in another post and focus more on the episode itself this time around.

Kill la Kill kiryuuin head of family

This episode, we find out the truth behind everything. We now know that Life fiber are an alien parasitic race that came to earth and are now reinfecting everyone in a grand scheme by the Kiryuuin family. We now also know that Matoi’s father is the one who founded Nudist Beach and created Senketsu to defeat the Original Life Fiber. The show is just getting more and more over the top, it now have aliens in the story and world domination, this is beyond the ridicule things we saw at the beginning. This been said, all this new over the top bullshit actually ties up the story so solidly and works so well in the universe that it makes me implode inside to simply wonder how they managed to have so much excessiveness and still have it all make sense in the end. Somehow, despite all the bullshit being spouted out, having a naked teacher tell a student with exposing attire that the clothes she wears is a weapon to destroyed the alien that are invading the earth to control humanity, despite this premise I find myself to take the plot seriously. The show is a comedy and from the first episode I said that it was not the kind of show that you should take seriously and yet, 15 episodes later, the tone of the show hasn’t changed, but the story all make so much sense and is so much deeper than I would have ever expected.

Kill la Kill matoi making a stance

I’m so glad I get to come back to blogging this show, it is one of the show I am most excited about this season and there is so much more than meet the eye with it that I just can’t wait to read through the many different layers and get to the core of Kill la Kill and everything the show stands for.

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