Kill la Kill episode 17: Fortress of the Rebellion

Kill la Kill culture and sport festival

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Well wow, it was already hinted at for ages that Satsuki was in disagreement with her mother’s way, it was already pretty evident that Satsuki would try to disrupt her mother plans in some way. I just didn’t expect for thinks to go down this episode in such epic fashion.

The Cultural and Sport festival was the start of a grand coup by Ragyou to conquer the world with her alien clothing and while it was expected that Satsuki wouldn’t let that plan come through, I got kind of curious as to when she would strike considering that she waited for everyone to be engulfed in their clothes before making her move. I have a feeling that there might be some more information we are missing here to make sense of this rebellion, because knowing Satsuki she had planned this coup for ages and I doubt that she played in her mother’s hand all this time just to try to undo some of her work all of a sudden. I have a feeling that maybe this festival didn’t actually go as Ragyou planned and that the people might not be eaten by life fiber as it is suggested. Having mention this, I have no idea what is really going on here.

Kill la Kill overthrowing parent

Satsuki will most likely ask for Ryuuko to help her in her quest to liberate the world from these vile clothes, but somehow I doubt that Ryuuko will accept despite everything. While the current event and sudden change of side of Satsuki comes at a surprises for the people in the show, it was foreshadowed for ages and with rather explicit signs, so this sudden “twist” really isn’t anything to be surprised about. What I believe might surprise and impress me though is what will come in a future episode, when we will finally learn everything that Satsuki did to overthrow her mother and how Honnouji Academy was the center of it all.

Kill la Kill celebration

I doubt that Ryuuko will ever be able to accept the methods Satsuki used to gain the power she needed to face her mother. After all Satsuki did kill many students and had a completely authoritarian  regime to reign by fear over the sheeple. Ryuuko will probably fight alongside Satsuki, but I highly doubt the two of them will actually work together. I am kind of eager to see how things will turn out from here. It is rather obvious that Ragyou isn’t dead despite her “impaled condition”, so I would expect the next episode to be some major fight with the everyone fighting against Ragyou and the life fiber she has inside her clothing. Either that or Ragyou will flee and fight another day, but it would be rather sad if they killed her off too quickly. She is after all the perfect villain right now and other than a final decisive fight between Satsuki and Ryuuko there is no other final villain beside her.

Kill la Kill sacrifice

I think that next episode will probably involve a lot of fighting and that a good part of Satsuki’s plan and rebellion will be revealed and from now on the show will probably change pace towards a new kind of rebellion. This certainly ought to be quite interesting, I am constantly impressed at how often and quickly Kill la Kill manage to change pace and keep getting increasingly deeper and more epic.

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