Kill la Kill episode 18: Raining Blood

Kill la Kill raining blood

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Well damn, M. Night Shyamalan must have written that script because that was quite the unsuspected twist at the end. I mean, usually I’d hate any anime who pulls off something that cheesy, but Kill la Kill is already so much over the top that it just doesn’t seem to matter to me right now. Especially since we learned that Matoi is Satsuki’s sister in such a dramatic and sudden fashion, I did not see that one coming even a little bit. I understood that there was a rivalry there, and we did learn about a second child in this episode, but I never thought that Ryuuko was actually the daughter of the Kiryuuin family. Now that it is revealed I am finally able to piece all the missing pieces together. We did learn this episode that Satsuki’s father was an awesome scientist who worked for Ragyou and quit after he learned the truth, everything we needed was there and I was just unable to piece the information back together. After the failed project with their second daughter, Matoi Isshin took his second daughter with him and flee to form nudist beach and create an organization that would destroy the life fiber. He was able to make Senketsu, a customized life fiber uniform that would synchronize perfectly with Matoi since she was part life fiber, and created a weapon that could cut through even the toughest of opponent, a weapon capable of killing Ragyou.

Kill la Kill supreme ruler

Meanwhile, ironically, his other daughter created an army to oppose her mother too and she destroyed nudist beach and fought Matoi Ryuuko many times. The two sisters were fighting towards a common goal all along and both originally did it for the same selfish reason…they wanted to avenge their late father. Everything in the story is now coming together. Remember last episode when I mentioned I would be surprised if the two of them could work together? Well I guess realizing that they are both sisters could help them work alongside one another from now on.

Kill la Kill sisters

The sisters now have to defeat their monstrous mother, that Lady is the worst opponent as of right now because she is intimidating, she is beautiful and she is an invincible beast. She defeated Satsuki even though that girl was the most willful being that you could imagine. Now she nearly ripped out Ryuuko’s heart in an instant notice. I can guarantee for sure that the fight against Ragyou won’t be something that ends quickly, especially when she was already impaled AND lost her head in the same episode. There was enough blood that poured out of her to please any Slayer fan at that center stage.

Kill la Kill blood geyser

Now it is all up to Ryuuko to fully synchronize with Senketsu and show us just how awesome she can be. I have a hard time to even grasp what more can happen for this show to last 6 more episodes. I just feel like we are already reaching the end somehow, because we are still so early in the winter season, we can expect some more stuff to turn around and maybe even more twist to pop up everywhere. I just don’t know what else they can pull off at this point, I already feel at the climax and they tell me there is more…I can’t handle this much awesome !

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