Kill la Kill episode 19: Get Naked and fight the evil clothes !

Kill la Kill Nonon Jakuzure

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Yet another amazing episode of Kill la Kill, I just don’t understand how this show manages to be so great despite how ridiculous it is. Every second of the show is both incredibly serious and epic and completely ridiculous and stupid at the same time, yet they manage to make it work somehow. For the greatest part of this episode everything that happened in term of development was explained while people were either stripping naked or with dog saliva included. I had trouble concentrating on the serious issues at hand while looking at Mikisugi purple flashing dick. How they manage to make some a lengthy serious explanation so hilarious with just this subtle distraction in the background is just mind blowing.

Kill la Kill super nudist

In other news which I was really late to the party to caught on…I never realized that there was anything going on between Gamagoori and Mako until this episode. I’m starting to wonder if this was just really difficult to see or if I’m just as dense as some harem anime protagonist. I’m sure there must have been clues at this ongoing tension between the two for a while now, but if it was not for my girlfriend pointing it to me this episode, I probably wouldn’t have noticed ever.

Kill la Kill romance

Now back into the story itself; Ryuuko is really crazy pissed at herself. Just before this episode the two of them were praised for being such in sync and working well together, I was not expecting that the very next episode Ryuuko would completely abandon Senketsu and start hating on him because she hates herself. I mean, it is actually exactly the kind of outcome that would happen in real life, it is really good character design and progression, but the show is so ridiculous and fast paced that sometimes I forget how deep and real the characters are in the show sometimes. It is sometimes difficult switching your mind so rapidly between the crazy explanation of Ryuuko’s father changing his name and appearance to seeing the two Kiryuuin sister fighting for their beliefs.

Kill la Kill still fighting

Speaking of the sister, I find it completely insane how strong and powerful Satsuki remains even after fighting in secret for so long and still failing in her plan. That girl must have been defeated and abused by her mother so many times, she was attacked, she was sexually assaulted, she was used and now she is imprisoned naked in a cold leaky cell…yet she doesn’t give up. I can perfectly understand how the elite four were able to rally behind her, seeing such a powerful and determined person is a very rare sight. Usually people have constant self-doubt or they are too stupid to realize what their goal implies, but not Satsuki. That girl knows what is going on, she understand the deep sacrifice and steep cliff in front of her and yet she will push herself to her limit and keep fighting till the end because that is who she is. People often talk about strong female character…well Satsuki Kiryuuin is the such a strong female character that I don’t even know any male who could get even with her in my many years of book reading, video games, anime and movies. She is the very definition of strength of character.

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