Kill la Kill episode 2: Pure Fun

Kill la Kill victory

Oh man this show. Kill la Kill is really the surprise of the season for me, I was definitively not expecting anything like it. It is somewhat of a parody, and it just make me laugh like there is no tomorrow. The show is an over exaggeration of everything, it parodies the regular shounen like there is no tomorrow, it is overly ecchi, overly gross, overly action packed and the story of course makes no sense, but it is what it is supposed to be.

Kill la Kill sublime teacher

Kill la Kill is fresh, is hilarious and is enjoyable. Unfortunately, the show makes no sense and has little to no content, so it is rather difficult to have an actual discussion about it afterward. The only thing you can do with this is to watch it, laugh of the jokes, the spread-eagle half-naked girl, the super weird and chest revealing teacher, the overactive girl friend…but once it is all done there is very little things to discuss about it.

Kill la Kill creepy doc

It is exactly as I predicted in my first impression, the show is a parody in itself and therefore it is not meant to be talked about and there are no real intrigue or anything.  For those reason I think it is really self-explanatory why I won’t be blogging it this season. I still highly recommend that you watch the show as it is hilarious, but watch it as an amusing anime and nothing else. It is the way it needs to be consumed. Take in all the needless action, ecchi and comedy and let it entertain you for half and hour. No thinking required. Sometimes those shows are the best and as such Kill la Kill is definitively a blast.

I will keep watching the show, and I recommend everyone to keep watching it as it is awesome, but this will be my last post on it. Enjoy your Fall season!

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