Kill la Kill episode 20: Sisters Changing Side

Kill la Kill two sister struggle

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Well holy crap, things certainly turned into an unexpected route this episode. The two sister will face each other fighting with the other piece of clothing, how ironic, how marvelous, how perfect. I am simply overwhelm with awesome feeling and unable to properly describe how great this scenario is turning out to be, it is such a cliché action scene and yet it was done so brilliantly that it is impossible not to feel mesmerized by it. Now Senketsu and Satsuki will fight as one to defeat the corrupted Ryuuko, what a twist of fate for Senketsu, after all I am sure that he must be completely destroyed after seeing how Ryuuko betrayed him for another Life Fiber instead.

Kill la Kill mui

In term of clothing this must be what is considered as cheating, I mean if you look at it from his eyes, Ryuuko broke up with Senketsu telling him that she was done with clothes and the next thing he knows, she is together with that brute of a shirt that is Junketsu, even though Junketsu hurt her in the past and doesn’t seem to have changed one bit. It is rather obvious that Senketsu and Ryuuko will be united once again soon enough, at this point in the story every single episode can already be guessed.

Kill la Kill supreme Ragyou

Here are 4 events that will happen in the next 4 episode : Ryuuko will regain her sense and be reunited with Senketsu, Ryuuko will beat Harime Nui and reform the scissors, after which she will beat her mother and finally she will destroy the original life fiber and end everything. Unless there is another major twist (which I rather doubt) those event are rather predetermined by the atmosphere and genre of the show, but knowing what is going to happen really doesn’t take away anything from the show, if anything, it gives it power. Now we know what to expect, we can build up hype and anticipate the awesome battle and feat of strength to come. Usually hype is a double-edged sword, but in the case of Kill la Kill, they never disappointed when it came to hype and epicness, so I am confident in believing in the show whole heartedly.

Kill la Kill ryuuko bad ass motorcycle

I am still curious about two things, first, how did Junketsu manage to feed false memories and/or feeling into Ryuuko? Second, what exactly is Ragyou final plan that we are all waiting to see revealed, what is her final objective that Kiruuin predicted last episode but we have yet to see. This is supposed to be all a trap, and Ryuuko did fell in it, but what more out of this world twist can the show pull off before it is over. I am still amazed how much the show managed to change and keep such a fast pacing without ever getting boring or out of context and always escalating the conflict. They really outdid themselves for making such a ridiculous yet epic storyline.


I am definitively looking forward to next episode…and all 3 afterward too, I just can’t wait to see everything anymore, having to watch this once every week is killing me, I crave for Kill la Kill !
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