Kill la Kill episode 21: Pleasure of being worn by clothes

Kill la Kill sacrificing for pleasure

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First I must begin by saying that I think that, as always, Kill la Kill is getting more awesome than ever every single episode. The sheer epicness of what we are seeing is just presented so perfectly, so intensely, it is difficult to grasp how they manage to keep this going without losing our interest. Now that my informal thought of this episode are out, I must say that I don’t think I’ll have that much to talk about for this episode.

Kill la Kill sister fighting

This episode of Kill la Kill was really action intensive, but it was very weak in actual content and revelation, it is akin to the episodes at the beginning of the show. We got to see Ryuuko united with her mother and her fake-sister the grand couturier, we got to see Makanshoku being awesome for the completely irrelevant friend that she is and finally we saw Ryuuko unleash herself and escape from the torment of Junketsu by destroying it in the process. Many things happened, but there was no real depth to any of those, it was just events that didn’t seem to have any deeper meaning to me. So instead I’ll try to talk more about the two things that I found to be more interesting to explore for this episode.

Kill la Kill raining blood

First let us go with the awakening of the Original Life Fiber and more precisely Life Fiber in general. I have no idea how conscious that thing is, or what it is capable of, but it seems rather certain that it will be the final objective of the show, the final big boss. At first I found rather curious why anyone would be willing to cooperate with a parasitic species that take over your body and freedom. Now at least this part of the mystery has been revealed in more detail this episode. It seems that wearing Life Fiber is the same as being sent into a world of constant happiness and pleasure. Everyone working under Ragyou seemed delighted to be taken into the Original Life Fiber, they were sent into another world where pain didn’t existed and they would live happily for the rest of their lives. Life Fiber are just some kind of very heavy drug in the end.

Kill la Kill corrupted Matoi Ryuuko

The second thing that got me interested this episode was Nui and the fact that she was for the very first time ever in a bad position. We saw her fight people constantly in the past but she never was even close to being in a troublesome position and now in a single hit Ryuuko pierced her and she might have possibly injured her severely considering she used a blade capable of destroying Life Fiber connection and Nui’s heart is entirely surrounded by Life Fiber. I’m wondering if next episode will actually be a battle against Nui or if she is actually dead. Of course if we base ourselves from what we saw in previous episodes, seeing someone being impale doesn’t mean someone is dead, it just mean that the character will come back next episode even stronger and crazier. So I’m looking forward to see just what the outcome will be with her next episode.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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