Kill la Kill episode 22: Epic Epicness Epicacity

Kill la Kill reunited

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I never realized how pretty Satsuki’s hair was before this episode. Seeing her apologyze and admit her defeat with her long beautiful hair flowing in the wind was really a touching sight. As things goes on Satsuki simply keeps on showing more and more beautiful colour, her will and confidence is slowly pulling her into my heart as my favourite character for the show. Matoi is certainly easy to get attached to, but Satsuki just has this really deep and powerful charm that Matoi lacks. Seeing the two sisters transform together and finally acknowledge each other and work on the same side was something absolutely splendid !

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I must say, with Ragyou, Matoi, Nui and Satsuki all being in the same family, those guys definitively are the most bad ass family to have ever existed. It is simply unbelievable how they manage to make everything they say or do to be this incredible. In the end it turns out that the whole show is just about the Kiryuuin family. The 4 most important characters of the show all come from that family and Nudist Beach is the creation of the father. Everyone who is not immediately related to the Kiryuuin family either works for them or are friends with them.

Kill la Kill under the sunset

The one scene I couldn’t stop laughing at this episode was when, having lost her arms, Nui starts “strangling” Hououmaru and shooting a never ending amount of blood on her face. Despite all this, Hououmaru kept on talking to Nui as if the copious amount of blood flowing in her mouth was left her completely unaffected. That scene was made to be funny and nothing else and it definitively worked because just remembering it still makes me chuckle. Between this, the sister flying off together and the explication on the Life Fiber reproduction methods, I was simply astonished at the amount of cool stuff that happened this episode, but there is one thing that really took the flame for me in all this and it was Mako.

Kill la Kill fighting club

That girl. From the very first episode we saw her and she never really changed. Was Mako always such an incredible girl that simply acted awfully stupid? When did she go from a damsel in distress to a super cool and powerful character that had more influence than the main character herself? She is constantly the one saving Ryuuko from herself, telling everyone what the right is from the wrong. She was a moral compass for everyone around her and now she even became a super strong fighter that we might be able to rely on? When did she became so important that even the elite four started looking at her as a real human being worthy of their attention. If Mako really starts fighting that huge thing next episode, and if she is not just a joke that accomplishes nothing, I will be so surprised and happy. I really want that little useless girl to show herself the strength of…stupidity? I am not even certain what that girl has that makes her so special, but I still want her to succeed!

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