Kill la Kill episode 23: Unpredictable People

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I’m not gonna lie, I absolutely love Kill la Kill and I’m really eager and hyped to see it ends, but I was a little disappointed in this episode. It really isn’t such a huge disappointment, but for the very first time in a long time, I felt that the episode was not as intense and epic as the previous one. I feel like most of the emotions and the character development is over and now all is left is the fighting and honestly, this episode felt a bit more…normal? There was nothing huge in the episode that made me dislike it, and don’t take my word wrong here, I absolutely loved the episode. But with Kill la Kill becoming such a sensation and keeping me impressed every single episode for the last 14 weeks or so, this episode was simply not as strong as the previous ones. Episode was great, but it didn’t do anything that blew my mind and I felt that there was a lot of things that got just a little too out of hand.

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Here are the three major reasons why I felt this episode was a bit more…tamed and ordinary than usual. First of, I felt that there was a bit of “too-much-bullshit” going on at some point in the episode. Kill la Kill has always been about over the top, but it usually also had a great, although weird, logic behind everything. I feel like the explanation for the scissors to prevent regeneration of what they cut was a bit too easy. I was really disappointed with that explanation after all the other far-fetched, weird-but-logical explanations for the rest of the stuff in the show. Another thing that I felt was a bit too much bullshit for me was when Sanageyama regain the ability of sight somehow. I understand that his new uniform regenerated his eyes or something, but I feel it takes a lot of his personality and uniqueness away. It is also rather boring to have a character undo their sacrifice.

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The second reason I felt this episode felt flat was because of the importance on action and combat in the episode. I have nothing against a great shounen and cool fighting scenes, but it was never the strong suit for Kill la Kill. The animation for the combat is really minimalist and it makes it difficult sometimes to understand what is going on. Furthermore it is just not great quality entertainment when most of the fight is about simply fighting without anything overly special going on. Yes they did destroy the original Life Fiber, yes they did have some special tactic and awesome ruse, but overall I felt that the fight in this episode really wasn’t that big of a deal. I felt I had much more fun seeing Mako running in an hamster wheel to power the carrier than seeing the two sister fight off their mother.

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The final reason why I felt this episode was a bit weaker than usual is something which not much can be done about. We are reaching the end of the show, so it is only natural that character development slows down as the show is rapidly coming to a stop. The characters and the style of the show is definitively what brings Kill la Kill together. Now that the characters have reached their peaks before the final battle, I feel like we lose an important element and that it was not made up for with another powerful “new shiny thing” to catch my interest.

Kill la Kill final boss

As I previously said, Although this review only looks at the negative side of the episode, it was a great episode once again and I am thrilled to approach the conclusion of the best show of the season. I cannot wait to see the final battle and have a grand finale for the fantastic adventure that was Kill la Kill.

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