Kill la Kill episode 24 [Final]: Super Saiyan Finish

Kill la Kill super saiyan ryuuko

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For all the hype that went into Kill la Kill, for all the build up of the show and everything the show was…this ending was absolutely perfect. I’m surprised the show manage to keep up to the huge expectation that this ending had and life up to it. Kill la Kill is a show that kept on getting more and more intense after each episode and they manage to keep it up all the way till the very end. I am extremely satisfied with this ending and I am happy to have watched Kill la Kill since its beginning, it was the greatest show to have played in 2014 that is for certain. It also generated much more hype than I originally would have anticipated from such a “weird” show.

Kill la Kill creepy chest face

There are a couple things that I want to note in this episode, the first is something that is bugging me a bit. I don’t know if it occurred in episode 23 too and I simply didn’t noticed, but I’m pretty sure that the two side of the scissor blade were different. Ryuuko’s was red and Nui’s was purple-ish. Now this episode both sides were red and the bolt materialized out of nowhere too. I have no issue with the bolt materializing somehow, but having the colour change is what bugs me the most. I’m confused as to when it happened and why it did.

Kill la Kill red scissors

Colour pallet aside, I was so happy when I saw Ryuuko achieve her final and most perfect form. There was something oddly satisfying in seeing Ryuuko turn into a super saiyan. It is an old anime cliché, it was done thousands of times again, but this is Kill la Kill and the show really needed that slap in the face cliché to finish it all off. It was just a perfect fit to end everything in the show. Kill la Kill style, pace and narrative was well established in the first episode and they stick to it. It made the show enjoyable from beginning to end and didn’t make any cliché boring. Gamagori just fell unconscious instead of dying? We all saw it coming, but that was expected from the show and made well, it didn’t frustrate me like it would in other shounen, because they never tried to make Gamagori’s death serious in the first place. It was also a brilliant sight to see Ryuuko’s mother take her own life, it was really fitting of her character and it would have killed me if she “changed side” all of a sudden at the end. I think the show handled this ending perfectly.

Kill la Kill heartfelt

I also have to give huge props to Kill la Kill, because I never thought I could ever take seriously a girl that cries after losing a piece of clothing. Senketsu died after that battle, everything returned to normality without any lifefiber left (other than Ryuuko) and it completes the cycle. Everyone was able to have the biggest nudist orgy at the end of the episode and daily life returned where all the girls could enjoy a fun shopping date like a real normal human.

Kill la Kill biggest orgy

There is something immensely fun at seeing Kill la Kill complete its run. I believe this is a sign of what a great show should be. The story has been told, it was complete, it was fun, it was intense and I’m fine with it. I don’t feel the need to have more, I don’t want a second season, I think the show was done perfectly and that it is complete and awesome. Tune in next week for a final more complete overview of Kill la Kill !

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