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Kill la Kill is an action, comedy, science-fiction show that has 24 episodes and is known to be a really refreshing look at anime. Here are the highlights of the show, what was done right, what was done wrong and then the overall entertainment and fun value of the show.

The Good

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First off, let us start with what I consider the most important part of Kill la Kill and what made it what it is. Some people would say that the action and weirdness of the show is what made Kill la Kill so special, but I would state that the character design is actually at the center of what made Kill la Kill such a good show. Kill la Kill has a great story, which we will discuss more, but what really made the show was the powerful female character that features in it. All main character are at extremes of emotions and personality and their very sharp personality makes them really stand out and brings power to the story itself. All character which had the smallest amount of importance were all memorable and you became attached to them and their crazy ways. This is what made Kill la Kill grow immensely as you got to see your favourite character evolve and fight each other while expressing all the awesome and weird that they were as a person.

Other than the character, I feel like the other thing that really made Kill la Kill stand out was its extremely fast pace. The show is 24 episodes and from start to finish the show never takes a breather. So many events occur every episode and the stake just keeps on building up more and more. Anime lately have made us used to roller-coaster-like intensity, but Kill la Kill didn’t follow that pattern and instead just started slowly and kept on increasing the intensity and the hype while never letting go of it. There is not really a single episode where the stakes of the show suddenly comes to a stop to restart somewhere else, there is no breathing room, every episode is more intense than the last. This made for a really exciting show which hyped each episode to be better than the next.

Which leads me to the third point which makes Kill la Kill awesome. At the end of each episode people get hyped of the next episode and have great expectation for the future episode to be even better than what they just watched. This is a great deal of pressure on the producer, because as soon as they fail to meet the hype, the interest for the show would have gone down. Yet this is exactly why the show did so good, because even while every episode was building hype for the next one, no one was ever disappointed, the hype they built always came true. This is something difficult to achieve on its own, yet they managed to do it.Kill la Kill super boxing glove

Now the next element that really made the show what it is is the comedy / parody element of the show. Kill la Kill is great enough as a story to hold on its own, but it also attacked and parodied the way of making action and shounen anime and the standards for the genre. It was a great display of greatness to have them go their own way while making fun of the norm as they kept on getting weirder. The show will be labeled as weird by a lot of people because of this, but it is not a kind of weird that throws you off or makes it difficult for you to relate, on the contrary it is the kind of weird that makes you curious and interested in what you are watching.

Now into something that is quite often forgotten but really important in anime is the soundtrack. Kill la Kill is one of the few soundtrack which I actually bought because the song are just so powerful and good in all their different genre. Kill la Kill has a lot of different music associated to the different character and especially the main fighting song “Don’t lose your way” makes a for a very strong performance to play during action heavy scenes and it helps your heart pup blood even faster.

Finally, the last point, yet the one that most people will probably use to describe how great Kill la Kill is, the show is epic. The story goes beyond what anyone would expect, the characters are bad ass and go farther than you would imagine and the intense pacing makes everything roll in front of your eyes as you watch in awe everything awesome that flashes in front of your eyes. There are multiple moments in every episode where you just can’t help but let out a “woah” as you watch with amazement how crazy and incredibly cool everything is. This pretty sum up best all the good thing about Kill la Kill.

The Bad

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Now, no one is perfect. Kill la Kill, while a great show, has some let down too. There is one thing in particular that really crippled the show from being more than it was and that was the animation.

The art style for Kill la Kill was interesting, new, original, refreshing, but when it came down to animation, it was rough and boring. The show was at its root one of action and battle and those battle were made a bit more lame because of how rough they were animated. Most battle actually ended up being a still image of multiple frame of the battle, rather than having something smooth. You would see two people in fighting stance, then a quick flash and they would be sword-to-sword staring into each others eyes. This did made Kill la Kill a lot more interesting since the animation is something that is “in your face” all the time, especially in a show that is known to be fast paced and action packed.

The second thing that can be considered “bad” if you are prude is the large amount of nudity in the show. There is very, very little sexual reference in the show, but the show is filled with nudity. From costume to nudist organization, nudity is an integral part of the theme of Kill la Kill and it has been known to turn off some prude viewers. The show isn’t an ecchi by any mean, there is not much perversion in the nudity, it is simply a lot of skin revealing (although no nipple, vagina or penis are ever shown in the show). While I personally couldn’t care less about this, I know that (particularly for americans) this was a big deal.


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Kill la Kill is what I consider to be the best show of the season, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it remained one of the best show for the whole year either. Even if somehow something even better than this comes out during 2014, Kill la Kill will remain a highlight for 2014 and by its freshness and epicness will remain in the heart and mind of anime fan for a long time to come. There will always be more generic stuff, but Kill la Kill was both unique and excellent and that marks it, in my book, as something that people will watch even years from now.

I give Kill la Kill an overall score of 9/10.

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