Kimi ni Todoke 2 Episodes 11 + 12 [Final]: Happeh timez!

It’s GET-TOGETHER TIME!!!!The Festival After-Party is occuring, and Sawako and Kazehaya are apparently going there together. Chizu and Ayane have some kinda ridiculous fantasies, then these fantasies apparently turn into reality as Sawako acts a little ridiculously because she is nervous but it’s absolutely hilarious so I’ll forgive her.

Once they get to the after-party, they learn that the students are imitating the scene from last episode the one that made me flail around like an idiot for such a freakishly long time because it was really cute, and both of them look with surprise.


After many questions, Kazehaya shows us why he is Ryuu’s friend and he uses the incredible tactic that is using as least words as possible to answer to all this: “yes” is his answer. He likes Sawako, and he’s not afraid of saying so 🙂 d’Aww. The conversation continues, and everyone starts praying like idiots to Sawako because they believe she can do magic WTF?!?!?!. The after party goes on, and Sawako finally AFTER SUCH A FREAKIN’ LONG TIME realizes she’s not an annoyance! Yaaaaaaaay! Trust me, for her it’s an exploit.

The main group then decides to go down on the beach, where they meet Miura Kent and Pin on the way Miura’s busy being a pimp and Pin is busy being a loner. Miura takes Kazehaya apart and tells him why Sawako was crying, then Pin pranks Kazehaya bwahahah, nice prank and Kazehaya goes and fixes things not to create misunderstandings.

Afterwards, Kazehaya asks Sawako out and it’s HAPPEH HAPPEH TIME!!!! YAAAAAAAAAY! It only took 36 episodes… *coughcoughjustsaying* LET’S ALL JUMP AROUND TOGETHER LIKE HAPPY CAMPERS! And thus, everyone basically does, except Kurumi who leaves dramatically *dramatic music*.

The next day, Sawako has written many notes telling her “THIS IS NOT A DREAM” and Sawako jumps around happily once again.

After a couple of funny parts at school, bits of scenes are shown, foreshadowing a possible bitch fight that will be followed in episode 12.

Episode 12, part 1: Bitch fights, bitch fights and more bitch fights No details necessary.

Apart from this: I never thought Sawako would ever manage to look badass.

The second half is a bit a lot more original, as Kurumi and Kent get over their broken hearts Well, not really for Kent, but anyways… and Ryuu unexpectedly veeeeeeery unexpectedly confesses to Chizu HUH?!?! DID I MISS SOMETHING?!?!. Chizu kinda takes it the wrong way though aw, man, and in the end Kazehaya and Sawako are together, happy, and everyone lives happily ever after as the second season of Kimi ni Todoke ends.



To start off with episode 11, I have to admit that it was amazingly funny. Instead of making everything dramatic and serious, they simply decided to give a crack at it and make us laugh during basically the entire episode. Many things were solved though, and the only thing that wasn’t solved was the problem with all the other bitches that liked Kazehaya. I was really proud of Sawako! I can’t believe she finally realized how important she was to everyone else, and also how much more open with her feelings she was. I thought they would still make her the shy little girl who only thinks and doesn’t say anything, but apparently not and she was really honest with everything that she said to Kazehaya. Good job, girl! 😀

Episode 12 actually kinda deceived me at first. I mean, this was the final episode, and more than half of it was dedicated to those same bitches I was talking about before. Kurumi’s arc definitely needed a conclusion, but at the same time… Why’d it have to take so much of the episode?! After that though, the rest was great and pretty cute :). It was literally a fairytale like “they all lived happily ever after” ending, and it wasn’t bad I must admit that it could have been better though.

I loved Ryuu’s confession, it was awesome! I kinda wish Chizu had taken it a tad more seriously, but it was awesome nonetheless :). Talking about those 2, it’s too bad the series didn’t focus a little more on the secondary couples. I would’ve liked to see some get-together times between Chizu and Ryuu especially those 2, and now even between Kent and Ayane because it looks as though they’re getting a little closer!

*coughcough* Am I the only one noticing the suspicious positioning of the people in this?

Teheh, sparkelz.


Now, on to more technical stuff, the art was once again quite good, and the one thing I really noticed was sparkly backgrounds!!!!! There were so many!!! And it actually wasn’t annoying… I found it gave a lot of ambience, and it was great :).

So, in the end, although episode 12 didn’t amaze me that much, I was satisfied by these last 2 episodes. The Final Review will be coming soon, however it’s not written yet so you guys will have to wait a short time before you hear me talk about the overall turnout of this second season.

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