Kimi ni Todoke Live Movie: How to Turn 25 Episodes Into a Movie… Almost Perfectly.

Oh. My. God. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure how the movie for this series was going to turn out, I mean I’m not usually a big fan of live actions and re-adaptations of series into a movie, however I have to admit that this one simply stunned me and I was absolutely amazed.


For those who might want a summary, you might as well watch the whole first season and you will get almost an exact template of what the movie is like. It goes through basically all the arcs, from Kuronuma’s fight with Ayane and Chizu all the way to New Year’s Eve, with some minor changes that I absolutely loved and that made this into an amazing conclusion and didn’t leave me pissed off like the end of the first season made me (at least they made a second season, which calmed me down…).

I was so surprised at how detailed and precise this movie was compared to the series. The important things were all there, so many events happened and I was completely blown away as I thought at first they would stop this after the Kurumi arc. Then, I deeply thought that they would forget about the side arcs, involving Ryuu and Pin… Although they were not completely shown they did, after all, have a time constraint, most of it was there and many scenes that were useless for Kazehaya and Sawako to get together were still shown, which completely amazed me. I didn’t know a 25 episode series could be summarized in a 128 minute-long movie so incredibly well!

As for the characters, once again, wow. I didn’t even need to be told the names of the people for me to figure out who they were, not just by looks although that was very well done also, but by personality. Pin’s and Joe’s stupidity, Kurumi’s two-faced personality, Chizu and Ayane, everything was really well done and it was really easy to figure out who was who SAWAKO WAS ADORABLE AND RYUU WAS AWESOME 😀. Their reactions towards certain events were also really well done, and looked so incredibly real and true.

Teheh :D. So plain awesome. Ryuu always owns.

Finally, minor changes were made to the storyline. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that apart from the first scene where Kazehaya and Sawako meet that they changed a bit and that I found a little weird, the modified scenes were necessary and made the whole story flow really well. Moreover, it changed the ending a little bit, and made it much less of a piss off than in the first season, where I could only think “Whyyyyy? Why does it end this way?!?!?!

I don't think we have the same definition of the word "happy"...

Anyways… I loved this movie. Completely. For those who still haven’t seen it, and liked the first season: DO SO! You must. It’s really good. The characters, the plot, the development, the ending, everything was absolutely great and I recommend this to all the fans of the series :).

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