Kingdom episode 4: Will anything ever happen?

I’m giving this show one last episode, and if things don’t go any faster than that, I’ll have to drop it. We are just at episode 5 and it already feels like I’m watching fillers.  For the last two episodes the only thing we got to see is little child fighting each other.

It doesn’t help that Karyo serves no purpose to the story other than to be a comedy relief. Shin eats like a typical anime glutton without manner and the only one who is half serious is the king, who doesn’t seem to be all that awesome either.

If I wanted to see 3 kids, two guy and one girl, go camping in the wood for so long to escape danger, I would have watched Harry Potter 7 part 1, not this. I want to see historical awesomeness, I don’t care for petty story of younglings goofing around. We are now at the 2nd assassin in the show and we can already guess that he will lose too. Next episode we’ll witness the fight between Shin and that assassin, it might get actually interesting…or we will get stuck with some more comedy relief and nothing awesome will ever happen.

I’m not even doubting that the show will get good over time, but as of now, it is really slow to start and I have a feeling that things will continue this way for a while. It is 32 episodes long, I don’t know up to where the show will go with the story telling, but I sure hope I’ll see them reunite china together.  If not, this will all be one pointless anime.

I want to see more strategy, more war, more glory. I want a game of thrones of history and anime ! I guess I’ll see soon enough if I’m looking at the right place for that kind of thing.

ZeroG signing off

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