Kingdom episode 5: 3D animation and Why I dislike them

This will be my last review of Kingdom, while the show looks promising in the long run, it simply isn’t to my taste for blogging. The show is a little too slow and ugly to my taste, the 3D really is getting to me over time. Another thing that kind of bugs me is that they are speaking Japaneses in china. I do understand that it is to be expected from a show like that, but I have trouble watching shows where the language spoken doesn’t match the character and right now it is even worse  with Kingdom, since the show is an historical reconstitution, I would expect the characters to speak their native language.

But this episode was actually kind of interesting. Shin was clearly bad ass and was able to defeat someone who should have been many time stronger than him, he really looked fearsome during his fight and I was actually pump to see him fight like that. But I must admit that the 3D horse battle was absolutely terrible. Not only was it an obvious lie, not only was the combat absolutely boring, but it was horribly done visually speaking. How painful is it to see such an awesome story get such bad art, 3D is the worst. I’d rather have flashy white screen with little to no epic action rather than have those ugly 3D effect that completely throws me out of the story. The animation simply feel way too wrong, It takes me out of the show and make me realize that I’m watching a show rather than feeling like I’m a part of the show and that I follow the characters adventure and share their world.

I simply lack the capacity to blog something interesting about Kingdom, I could repeat every episode how slow the show goes and how ugly the animations are, but it will take much less than 32 episodes before it will be boring.

If you like the story, continue watching the show, it is not bad. But don’t watch this show unless you are interested in the history of it, everything else about the show sucks.

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