Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu episode 1 [First Impression]: Say Hello to my Little Hand

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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu is an horror anime about alien parasites coming to earth and taking control over human. The concept of parasites has been used multiple times in different work of horror in the past, but it is one that continues to intrigue me and scare me a lot. The co-existence of a human host and a parasite in the same body is very interesting, especially the relationship of Shinichi and his parasite in Parasyte – the maxim –. We have a main character who is both afflicted and empowered by the parasitic infection, now he has power that is unrivaled by any other human while still maintaining control of, most, of his body. From a biological and evolutionary stand point it is a very symbiotic relationship that the two of them have undertook through sheer unfortunate circumstance. On the short term it will most likely be really awkward for both organism to coexist, but on the long run they could become something much, much more.

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I am already a fan of Kiseijuu, the story and characters are very interesting so far, at first I was scared I would be put off by the ridiculous powers of mutation that the parasite brought to the hand, especially being able to morph and talk, but once I got beyond the ridiculousness of the situation, the horror really struck in. I would freak the fuck out if my hand suddenly started talking and acting on its own as it did. I was weirded out more than once during the episode, there is something really uncanny about a talking hand that has different though than you. Your hands are the principal tool you use to interact with the world, it is how you touch, how you grab, how you handle the world around you. To have one of those hand act on its own is a horrifying thought. I think I would much rather lose my hand than have it act without my consent. As seen just in the first few interactions when Shinichi groped his friend, it could ruin your life.

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I have no doubt about it, I am going to be blogging Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu this season, this show resonate very well with me and I am hyped to see more. I would recommend the anime to every lover of the horror genre, while so far the show doesn’t scare me in a similar fashion as other anime of the same category, it definitively does an awfully good job at weirding me out.

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