Kiseijuu : Sei no Kakuritsu episode 11: Alien Playing Politics

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu alien for mayor

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A lot of my previous fears have been answered in this episode of Parasyte, the new trend of pulling people’s hair out indeed proves extremely dangerous to those performing it. While the current trend does seem to kill off most of the stupid Parasites, it is also the perfect obstacle to push them to start working together and obtain power and security by other means. Some intelligent parasites were already working together in the past, but now things are taking a turn for real cooperation here as we see 8 parasites trying to obtain a position of power. I can already hear the southern US citizen all the way from here in Canada “I won’t have no alien as mayor of my city!”. The security community of last episode already had suspicions that the aliens might have infiltrated higher rank to acquire power, turns out their human sense was more developed than the alien themselves. It is only because of the dire time that the parasite have come to help one another, they use to be fighting each other but cooperation seems to slowly become the norm for those still alive.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu cooperation

This is becoming interesting in a different way with this change. The parasite appeared out of nowhere and acted as a simple disease. Humans always have nightmare about alien invasion, but there was no coordination here, if anything more parasite killed one another than any human did at first. We are seeing a switch where the “parasite movement” is getting more organize and trying new way to obtain power and ways to survive. Suddenly, because of our own action, the threat we found started acting the very same way we expected it to. We wanted an intelligent, planned invasion? Well here it is. I’m curious how the invasion will proceed, we have aliens capable of changing physical shape and take the identity of anyone, they have a lot of trick up their sleeves if they want to try and control us through our own system. Will it work though? And what is their exact plan once they get into their position of power? We saw some of them “train” in what seems to be a preparation for warfare. Are the parasite organizing some kind of war on humanity? Or will they keep a more…subtle strategy?

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu knight in shining armor

Parasite aside, Shinichi has a lot going on right now. It seems his heart as not completely healed yet and intense stress, like remembering his mother, causes his heart to fail from time to time. As far as we know, Shinichi has not completely lost his humanity yet. He still loves, still feels the emptiness her mother left behind, he still wish to protect those around him. How will things go in his love life though? Some sort of love triangle is starting to form and one lady is more accepting than to other of Shinichi new bad ass attitude. I feel Satomi has her heart shatter ever more every single episode, unless Shinichi finds a time to tell her the truth, I think she might do something stupid that will put her in danger. We’ll see how things go, maybe things will go completely the other way around and Migi will get to observe human coitus instead!

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