Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu episode 15: Perfect Assassin

Kiseijuu : Sei no Kakuritsu super assassin

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Remember last episode when I said that the detective could prove to be a problem in the long term? Well I don’t believe that can be the case anymore. I feel the guy has had is lesson this time around. He just realized a friend of his was murdered and he saw a fight between two of these parasites and he finally understood just how well over his head he was. I doubt we will ever hear from him again.

That's one sketchy dating spot

That’s one sketchy dating spot

This makes things technically a bit easier for Shinichi, now he doesn’t have to worry about about humans getting all up in his business anymore. Instead, now he has to worry about an organized group of parasite that wants him dead. It’s already not a great feeling when someone wants you dead, not so great to have an hitman after you, but it seriously can’t make you feel any better when you know said Hitman is an alien. Even worse, it is actually 3 Aliens all put together in one monstrous abomination. That Parasite going after Shinichi might well be a good reminder for the guy that maybe he can’t play superhero just for fun like that.

Kiseijuu : Sei no Kakuritsu dude is out of here

Speaking of which, it was interesting this episode to see Shinichi somehow act more like he used to when he was still more human. The guy used to be a man of justice who constantly tried to  “do the right thing” and it is just this episode that I felt this part of his personality was coming out once again. Of course his new ideal of saving everyone and killing the parasite one by one is foolish in my book, but at least it does show his human character is still there. How long will this last though, I have no idea considering the fight in front of him might be more than he can handle. Everyone wants to be a hero, until you actually get hurt and lose a limb trying.

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The Parasite are adapting and they are way more intelligent than any human. They might be aggressive and a bit cruel, but they are certainly top notch at adapting to new situation and learning about their enemy. It was disconcerting to see a Parasite which was able to communicate and use expression like a normal human being. What was even worse though is knowing that it is quite likely this 3-parasite creation was not done by dumb luck. I have a certain feeling that the parasites are working together to try and genetically engineer a more powerful parasite. Tamura is really interested in Shinichi as a lab experiment, it certainly doesn’t surprise me that she wants to dissect him. She is the smartest of the bunch and therefore the most dangerous. If somehow the parasite manages to fully integrate into society and never be noticed, it will be all thanks to her.

It seems there is a lot of battle to be fought in the near future, I wonder if it will stop the character development or if the battle will simply be used as a catalyst to progress the story. I hope it will be the later.

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