Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu episode 19: Welcome to the “Kill-Em Aliens” Task Force!

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu task force

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Things sure find a way to escalate very quickly in Parasyte. At the very beginning of the episode Shinichi is in a bad position trying to remain undetected while in police custody, yet at the end he finds himself in a completely different situation where he is now helping the police find and exterminate the parasite around the mayor of the town. This is a very dangerous situation for Shinichi, but also a golden opportunity, after all, he is a wanted man by that very organization. Now he can be the hero he always wanted to be, he can defend humanity and take down the people who wants him dead.

Great reference shirt you got there psycho

Great reference shirt you got there psycho

The detective still has a pretty big hunch that Shinichi isn’t quite what he claims to be, but at the same time it is not like he has any proof to corner him. For now, as long as he remains very cautious, our little protagonist might be able to get out of this without putting himself into danger. Last episode I thought the serial killer who was used as a parasite detector  used the same kind of wave recognition than Shinichi’s late friend did. Turns out he’s just a really instinctive serial killer. This will make it much easier for Shinichi, seeing has despite being part alien, he is still mostly human.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu parasite detector

Now it is one of the first observed full scale operation by special task force to take down the a known parasite location. They sure have quite the task force there, many gunners, many officers and even a way to detect the parasite themselves. Will this be enough? I don’t want to underestimate the preparedness of the task force here, they do have a sensor capable of looking straight through the flesh of people to detect whether they have a brain or not, but parasite are quite crafty organism. If they are put in a situation like this, they have quite a number of ways they could avoid getting into trouble. First of, they could just switch bodies and take control of the special task force there, this way they could leave without going through the scanner. Worse come to worse, I even think there are enough parasites there to take down that entire task force, it could become a real massacre. I’m wondering if Shinichi won’t have to step up and fight here, if this could be the first time he has to blow his cover to protect the human there. The guy might want to avoid being discovered at all cost, but he also hates when innocent are killed, if a situation like that was to arise, who know what course of action he will find himself taking.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu do you trust him

Now, entering the realm of possibilities, if Shinichi does reveal his particular situation, will the detective vouch for him and use him positively? Or will he just send Shinichi straight to a controlled facility when they can “assess him”. Would you trust that detective with your secret? You know he already know there is something special about you, you know he believes you are on his side, but is that enough to give him information about that sensible information?

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