Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu episode 21: Suddenly Sex

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 If I wasn’t so sure last few weeks, this episode definitively helped put things into perspective, we really are reaching the end of this story. With only 3 episodes left, it had to happen, we will finally see how Shinichi makes it out (or not) of this situation he is in. The organization which the parasites had reunited under has been dismantled, it seems that all parasites aside from Gotou have been killed, but Gotou is a killing machine made of 5 parasites and more capable than a hundred of them, so I guess we found our final boss.

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I have a feeling that there are only two options left in this scenario, either Gotou is defeated and the world government finally obtain enough information to completely eradicate the parasites (or at least deal with them appropriately) or Shinichi meets his end. I don’t believe there will be many more parasite to show up after Gotou, he seems to be the last one in the way of Shinichi and Migi. Most of the issues and plot point of the anime have already been resolved, we really are in the final run.

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Seeing as Shinichi is in a very bad spot with Gotou promising to kill him, it really wasn’t so surprising to see him lose his mind like that. The guy just killed an entire army by himself, so it really doesn’t seem too unlikely that Shinichi might very well die here. He was very right this episode, that the danger of imminent death was changing him into who he really was. Suddenly he was not a hero of justice, instead he was just a scared child who realized he knew no one he could trust and had no one he felt safe. Shinichi has been all alone for so long, it is a good thing that Migi was a part of him to keep him calm, because otherwise Shinichi would have probably straight up killed himself by now. He is under too much pressure and he’s just a teenager, he would have never survive the sheer stress he was put under.

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While under such stress, it is no wonder that some hasty decisions could be done without enough consideration. Like for example suddenly revealing your love to someone and having sex with them right then and there despite the both of you being still young and virgins. Look, if I knew I was most likely going to die soon, I would be quite in a hurry to reveal my feelings and have sex with the one I love. It is not a decision that would be hard to make and I don’t blame Shinichi for the way he acted. The one I’m most curious about is Murano. The girl is even more innocent than Shinichi, she always felt concerned and unable to trust and believe Shinichi, she doesn’t feel like she will die at any moment. What was going on in her mind that things escalated so quickly between her and Shinichi to this point! I mean, she can make her own choices, but I’ll still find her choice foolish. I’m not trying to cockblock Shinichi here, mostly just warn her, because that girl might be a bit more experienced than she seems to claim.

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