Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu episode 3: The Genius and The Fool

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I knew it was coming, but god damn cliffhanger, I know this genre of anime love their cliffhanger and making sure the suspense last forever, but I really wish there was a better way to keep my hook without being so cruel. Just as things were heating up we are sent straight to the ending theme instead of the great reveal. Logically speaking, we already know Shinichi will win simply because he is the main character, but I want to know how ! So far Migi and him have proven to be really competent and their symbiosis could prove to be an important advantage in their survival, but it would be nice to have an example of this promising relationship.

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A lot of important events happened this episode. For the first time, Migi and Shinichi were able to meet with an actually intelligent parasite. She might be one of a kind or maybe Ryouka Tamiya isn’t even that special and she is simply the first intelligent parasite we met, nevertheless, she brings a whole lot of diplomacy and intelligence into Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu. I really like this, this new character suddenly brings a whole lot more depth to what could have otherwise been a very straightforward action-horror anime. We could have had Shinichi become an underground hero of justice who fights ever stronger parasite, but instead it seems that some communication and alliance can be formed. Having a lifeform as intelligent and adaptable as Ryouka Tamiya opens up many new pathway for this show. If she plays her card right, she could bring about a way for her species to survive in security, it would be possible to acquire food consistently without ever being noticed or disrupting human society. We have had many case of mass murder going on, those are all case of stupid parasite like A. They do not seem to have any forethought and plan for the future, they deal with problem as they rise and create a lot of attention. Parasite similar to Ryouka though, they could be anywhere and act for a very long time without ever being discovered. This would make it very difficult to know if more like her exist or if she is the only one, at the end of the day they would all act just like me and you.

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I really hope things go well between Ryouka and Shinichi, working with humans seem to be very difficult for them, but I feel there could be a lot of interesting discussion between the two and it could bring up more information and cooperation between the two species. One question that was raised this episode and not yet answer which I found interesting is how this species of parasite even reproduce. After all they did try to use their body for reproduction but as expected the result was a human child, not a new parasitic form. They don’t seem to be aware of who they are or their purpose in life, is it because they are not yet mature? is it just because they haven’t figured it out yet or can they simply not reproduce at all? So many questions, so little answer, this is why I want Ryouka to become important, I feel she could help a long way into finding answers to those questions. I want…no, I NEED more knowledge !

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