Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu episode 4: Parents Held Hostage

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu held hostage

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Despite all the action at the beginning of this episode, this time thinks were a lot slower than they were in past episodes. We did discover more things, but they were mostly about Shinichi and his home life rather than about the parasites invading earth. We did get a bit more transformation where Migi was now able to detach from its host body for about 3 minutes, we also know that Ryouka Tamiya claims the only thing that drives her in life is to exterminate humanity, but overall the most of the episode was about Shinichi and his parents.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu concerned mother

As with Tamiya when her host’s mother came over, you can only change so much physically before the person who knows you best realize there is something awfully off with you. A person is more than just what she looks like, it is also about who she is as a person, her mannerism, her intelligent, her personality. Shinichi is a young adolescent who suddenly is under a lot of stress and a lot of change. He certainly isn’t someone with nerves of steel and it comes to show. Satomi Murano, her childhood friend, already noticed something was wrong with him, it really comes to no surprise that her mother would notice too.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu fighting to death

She did change a little bit

It seems that since a very young age, Shinichi has been driven by justice through guilt. He always blamed himself for scarring his mother and now he wishes to right his wrong by protecting everyone i the world. This is where most of his moral comes from, this is why he is such a poor host for Migi, and it is also what makes this show interesting through the steep contrast between Shinichi and his right hand. Now Shinichi is trying to deal with the intense stress of walking around with a killing machine of a hand and trying to protect and doing the right thing with this newfound treacherous power.

It is quite normal for Shinichi to be so anxious about the safety of his parents, they are currently essentially held hostage by Migi if Shinichi were to endanger his existence. Yet, given the current situation, I cannot help but think that given Shinichi is the host here, he should have a lot more leeway in the negotiations of the terms here. He is, afterall, the one feeding Migi in the first. He could easily threaten to kill himself if Migi were to do anything which would destroy his life and put him into danger. I understand Migi doesn’t want to end up as an experiment, but at the same time he has to realize that Shinichi’s parents are the one putting the food on the table and it is that food that keeps him alive. Of course Shinichi could go to work a job, steal food, or straight up go “hunting” with Migi for survival, but Migi, being rather simplistic, would probably prefer his host lives as long as humanly possible. It would go without saying that the more money and resources someone has, the more likely that person will live a longer save than say someone who lives off in the woods. Shinichi being under such high stress constantly makes him more at risk to heart failure in the long run, Migi should try to maintain his health, both physical and mental, as well as possible here. I’m sure it would be possible for Shinichi to have their parent know without Migi having to kill them, he simply didn’t look for a solution long enough.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu gangster Migi

New OVA announced : Godfather Migi

At the end of the day, I somehow doubt those points will be raised, at least for this season. The way things are going next episode we will begin a new confrontation with Ryouka Tamiya, which I find unfortunate since she seemed to be able to learn. I wish she could understand some more about the human and maybe she could understand that despite her need to kill them all off, she still needs to learn how to reproduce and keep a couple host for her biological life to matter. I’m curious she how much thought she’s put into it all. We’ll figure that out next episode I suppose.

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