Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu episode 8: Slowly Becoming a Sociopath

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu sociopath

Quite the handsome sociopath if you ask me…

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It really comes as a surprise to me how much Izumi changed in the last few episodes. It had become clear that after having his life saved by Migi he had more trouble showing his emotions, but he remained rather emotional and “humane” in his way of thinking. It seems the more time progresses, the less human he becomes. He still has all his human memories and understand society, but he cannot seem to automatically reach for his emotions anymore. Now, Izumi has effectively simply become an intelligent sociopath. He knows what society wants him to feel, he knows how he is supposed to act, but he simply can’t actually feel it himself, therefore he will begin just playing along.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu super cool looking

At the rhythm things are going, I am not surprise Tamiya Ryouka wants to investigate the guy more. She is interested in the reason and mechanics of the survival of her own species and Migi seems to be co-existing with an host just fine, even slowly turning it into a more “reasonable” host. The longer Migi and Izumi have been together, the more they start cooperating and ensuring one another’s survival. Izumi is slowly stopping showing the heretic behavior Migi failed to understand and meanwhile Migi is also starting to understand human society much more. On paper, things are going great.

From our outsider perspective, some might find it sad to see Shinichi slowly losing everything that made him human and made him who he is. The guy doesn’t feel anymore, some might see him as just an empty shell. Yet from his own perspective, the guy gained stuff but didn’t lose anything important to him. Just think about it, if you suddenly lose all your emotions…you can’t be emotional about losing them. Emotions are a self-enforcing problem, if Shinichi isn’t worried anymore, if he isn’t scared and emotionally driven…he has no reason to regret losing those emotions. He can still act the same way he uses to before, he now just have to condition himself to do it instead of unconsciously doing it.From the point of view of the guy, he has grown stronger and better in every aspect. He isn’t just a super athlete anymore, his mental strength has greatly increased too. As his father said, he is now made of steel.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Hideo

Now, enough of Shinichi, I want to talk a bit about our newcomer, Hideo Shimada. A new Parasite is here, a new possible threat too. The guy might claims he won’t hurt anyone and that he doesn’t kill any humans, but I’m sure there are some lies or at least some missing details in his statement. The monster certainly doesn’t seem to care about hiding all that much, he did punch a guy right in the face just to be left alone and he ran tracks without any concern about standing out. As if it was not enough, we saw him lure in an older woman to acquire nutrient, although if she will live or not is something we have yet to determine. There are a lot of questions left around Hideo Shimada and as such, I don’t think we can rule him out as a huge threat…at least for now. I am really curious as to its motivation and how he lives in “cooperation”. I have a feeling Shinichi won’t be in perfect agreement when he will find out the truth.

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