Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku episode 1: *yawn*

kibou mohawk seal


Natsuki is a first year who just joined high school and has the intentions of being part of the Go Home club; that is, until she realizes the Go Home Club is an actual club. Thus, some girl fights bears, and another girl is rich. Also, seals.


Well, this was ridiculously boring. By that, I mean to say that I was literally watching Servant x Service at the same time as this and didn’t miss anything. I kept expecting something funny, but it seems like Natsuki was just taking away every punch line and making it bad by pointing out how weird it was. In the end, everything was just completely ridiculous and dumb.

Overall, the show is just badly done. I was about to think this could get a little bit funny when Botan started fighting bears, and I was really looking forward to that bear conspiracy, but NO. Even that was ruined. I feel like they tried to make a gag show more normal-ish by having a girl with common sense as the main character… But she just stopped every funny thing that was about to happen and in the end I just got bored. Really, really bored.

kibou handAs for Claire, it’d be cool to see a rich girl actually buy shit and go crazy with her money… But nope, instead she just… Waved her hand… And nothing happened. Well, so much for that. Right off the bat, her character is ruined and her personality isn’t exploited properly. Boooring.

There was one thing I almost found interesting, and that was the seal thing: I didn’t understand why they were there, but they were kind of cute I guess. The first scene where the person in the costume was lying on the ground hurt like hell was surprising and made me chuckle; that was about the only thing that made me chuckle.



In the end, my recommendation for this is: DON’T WATCH IT. PLEASE. Unless you’re looking for something to help you fall asleep, this show is definitely not worth it. I’m aware that gag shows are not for everyone and are sometimes tough to handle, but this wasn’t even a funny gag show; it was just full of half-assed punch lines and just boring in general. My patience has limits, and this show reached it pretty good. I wish that the ending could have happened the first time Natsuki stopped it… 5 minutes of this would have been less annoying than 20.

Watching: NO

Blogging: NO

Recommended: NO

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