Kokoro Connect episode 12: Past Love and Trauma

Sometimes it is difficult to say if our past choices were foolish or right, but either way, we have to move on from them at some point in our lives.

It is currently uncertain if this episode is the final one of the season or if there will indeed be 17 episodes. Some rumors says that the show will end at 12 episodes, with the next 5 episodes being ONA. I really hope that this won’t happen and that this show will have 17 full legit episodes as previously announced. It is so rich and good in emotions that I don’t want to see it end just yet. If I had to make a guess, I would say that we should see a 13th episode next week, but I cannot guarantee anything.

One cheer for the new OP !

One thing that makes me think they will still air is that they used a different opening this week to match last week’s new ending. I sure hope this is not the first and last time we hear that opening, because I want to memorize it by heart.

Inaba would make a splendid mother

How cute was it to see that Iori reverted back to being a baby right when the episode starts? I just love hearing the constant screams of a newborn repeatedly assaulting my ears. At least I wasn’t present to smell the putrid odor of the by-products of this little Iori. It’s not that I hate babies, they are just so much trouble and responsibilities that I’d rather avoid them when unnecessary, even those in anime.

Aoki was really awesome in that scene, I wish he was like that more often

This time around, it seems like the baby was not the major issue. Instead, the story focused on the oldest couple of the show, Yui and Aoki. Those two had been living quite the troublesome life since the whole reverse aging process started. Yui had to deal with an old friend of hers and her past self, while Aoki remembered his past love and wondered if the one he had now was real. I must admit that now that I see how Aoki is, how he acts, I just don’t care about that guy, and I can’t seem to relate to him in any way. He looks intelligent, he is cute and forward when he needs to, but overall his carefree attitude is just too far from who I am and who I hang out with. I can’t find myself liking this guy, not that I hate him either, but he just seems unreal to me.

That hug came out of nowhere, but it was so kawai

On the other hand, Yui is an incredible character. She was a really strong-willed woman, afraid of nothing and determined to win every challenge thrown at her, but she lost her self-confidence after she was nearly raped. She was so traumatized by the event that she forgot herself. For the first time, she did lose and she was too afraid to stand up on her own anymore. But now she is back to her fighting spirit, and I must admit that I love this Yui much more than the previous one. Sometimes, I feel that girls don’t always realize that self-confidence makes them so pretty. I always felt that the sexiest girls were not those with the best shape, but those with the best self-esteem.

ZeroGhj signing off

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