Kokoro Connect episode 13 [Final]: Communication and Friends

If you don’t say what is on your heart, don’t expect everyone to know about it

It is the final episode of Kokoro Connect, at least the final official episode, and now the spotlight is set straight on Iori. Because Taichi messed up and told everyone about Heartseed #2, everyone could now revert back at any time of the day and without warning.

Taichi is so cute with a baby in his arm…it just get a little weird if you say the baby is his girlfriend

We already knew that Iori was a little messed up, she never is herself and she just become what everyone wants her to be. Yet now, she actually has to face her problem and it is the perfect chance for her to redo everything. Having said that, she hasn’t done shit. Her problem is that she guess what people wanted, yet she was so sure of herself that she never second guessed if she had the right idea in mind. Turns out that for all those years, Iori and her mother were thinking that they were enduring for the sake and happiness of the other one. Both of them had it wrong and since they never bothered to talk to each other, well they endured a violent man in their lives.

Oh look, we were both so stupid

I’m actually really glad to see that Iori’s mother is not such a useless woman as Iori made us think she was by describing her. I was under the impression that she was such an attention whore and insecure woman that she was hanging out with so many men that were not only stupid but also violent. At least now we know that she did it with good intention, she was in fact so selfless that she was hurting everyone around her. She wanted for a paternal figure to be near Iori, so she would be happy. She did so even when her love for someone wavered. She is such a good mother that she is a bad one, it is kind of ironic that with such good intention came such disastrous consequences.

Friendship is Magic…Unfortunately this looks more like a suicide cult about to jump in front of a train than anything else

The only thing that was ever required was that mother and daughter talk to each other, but turns out that was something way too complicated it seems. On the other hand, Taichi had the complete opposite problem, he was unable to shut up for just a couple more days. Sometimes it ain’t any better to be too honest either. He just screwed over all his friend because of that mistake and Iori was close to make a dire mistake because of it too. Sometimes that guy should just grow some balls, it would be for the best.

Unfortunately, the story ends here for now. The TV series is over and the final 4 episodes will be on the DVD as OVA. You can be sure that those episodes will be covered here at o-gate when they are coming out. This show is incredibly good and I will watch more of it if I have the chance.

ZeroG signing off

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