Kokoro Connect episode 4: Touching secret

I say this just about every episode now, but this show is getting better and better each episode.  I was expecting some kind of boring slice of life ecchi with this show. I was certainly not expecting such a deep psychological drama to unfold. What originally seemed like a bunch of 5 typical shallow anime character turned out to be really complex and complete, which I must admit is not so usual in anime unfortunately.

Iori said that she had 5 fathers. Now what I’m wondering is if all 5 were his step-fathers or if at least one of them was her real father. Does her real father left before she was born? Did he died before she got to know him? Or is it the first one in the list and he either left far away without giving news anymore or he died young? I’m quite sure that her real father isn’t alive anymore, or might as well be dead, since her relationship with her step-dad seemed to be one of replacement instead of just a friendly relationship. If you call them dad, it means that they are filling an important role in your life. I’m not sure what’s the worst thing about that, because if I understand this correctly, she potentially had at least 2 person close to her that she considered like a real dad, and at least 2 of them died. Just how many time must her dad die/leave in front of her, that poor little girl. I’m surprised that she was more affected by the violent father instead of the death of so many people near her.

Now if Iori doesn’t know who she is, Inaba on the other hand is unable to trust anyone. You know, sometimes some people don’t really have any problems, they just don’t understand the concept of somethings. Inaba doesn’t have a problem, in reality, she is just like everyone else. Her only problem is that she thinks she has one. It is a sign of intelligence to doubt people and it is wise to do so. To be naive and to trust people without any doubt is not a quality, on the contrary it is something that will hurt you more than anything else in your life. What Inaba seems to forget is that no one really trust her completely either, and those who do are simple fools and they are not to be admired. Inaba just has to realize that she is normal, and that everyone think more or less like her, once she realize this much her life will suddenly get a lot easier, she worries too much.

Finally I was not expecting Taichi to reveal such sensitive information to Inaba, but if you are a girl, you can assume that every guy you know more or less as already masturbated at least once while thinking about you, that’s just how it works. What I found a little more surprising was that Inaba revealed she did the same to Taichi, now that is something you don’t get to hear often, Taichi should be proud of himself.

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