Kokoro Connect Pre-air Part A [First Impression]


ZeroG’s Impression

This is a pre-air and unfortunately we won’t see what happens in the other half of the episode until July 8th, but until then, we can savour the beauty of this episode. The show is categorized as a comedy and a slice of life. Yet from what I could see of the episode, I saw some ecchi and then a bit more ecchi.

It is exactly what I was actually hoping the show would be. A comedy, slice of Life and ECCHI ! I mean, the show is all about guys and girls switching bodies with each other, I sure hope there will be ecchi involved. After all if I was to switch body with a girl, touching my boobs would be one of the first thing I would do too.

I’m not sure what will come out of this show other than ecchi, but it is not like I want anything else from it anyway.  I’m actually hoping most of the season will be based around that, it is my favorite kind of humour anyway. I really liked the kind of joke that were made during the short 10 minutes the episode played. I want to see more and I want to watch more of this show.

The story starts quite fast, usually it takes a couple of episode for things to go this wrong. But in Kokoro Connect, it doesn’t take 5 minutes for boys and girls to start switching bodies, It is as if I’m watching a hentai, people start fucking before I can even learn their name and occupations. I have yet to know the personality of most characters and I’ve already saw them touch their boobs and show their panties.

This might only be a pre-air, but count me in for a full review of this show throughout summer.

Possibility of Blogging : High

Possibility of Watching: High

ZeroG signing off

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