Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! episode 4: Creepiest Friend Ever

It has been four episodes and we finally have a conclusion to the mysterious creepy sister calls. At first I was a little confused that the little sister was already found out, after all, the whole story is all about that intrigue. When she started to explain her past and how she was “his little sister”, I understood the fact that she had a separate father, but at first I was certain that it was simply her non-biological father, the one who took care of her. But turns out that she isn’t Shougo’s sister after all. Not only she is not his sister, she is a childhood friend and so is Miyabi.

But are they really cleared from being unrelated to Shougo? I still have my doubts about that. They might not be the one who came to the funeral, but that doesn’t mean that the girl who did went was the real sister either. I wouldn’t be surprised if the real sister is still one of them. I mean, Konoe is creepy enough to illegally obtain Shougo’s address and phone number and contact him WHILE IN HER BATH and pretend to be his little sister. This comportment would be considered a little invasive and freaky in my book. I would call the cops on her, I don’t care about your intention, to stalk someone like that is dangerously creepy, I would fear for my safety.

On the bright side, now that there are two girls that are “off the list”, Shougo will be able to enjoy his youth and explore the world. Konoe and Miyabi are already slutty enough that the only thing Shougo could have hoped for was exactly what just happened, for them to be safe to enjoy. I have a feeling that the ecchi scene will bloom now that Miyabi and Konoe don’t fall in the incest list anymore. The two girls already have an unhealthy habit of ending up in the poor guy’s room every morning, you just know that something bad will happen soon enough because of it.

The two girls are in an open and honest competition to win Shougo’s heart, but to me being half-naked near him in the morning is nothing close to fair play. Maybe they are playing on even field with each other, but the poor Shougo won’t be able to handle this for long, I can guarantee you that much. To be honest, I would have raped them both by now if they were to pull that stuff on me every morning. I’m not sure how heroic they would find it if their savior and childhood friend would just abuse them in the morning because they showed a little too much skin.

In the next few episode it seems that the resident wizard Mei will be the center of attention, I really wonder what kind of personality she has, since we weren’t able to learn much about her yet.

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