Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Episode 2: The Vampire Ninja Bitch


While peacefully eating at his home with Eucliwood and Haruna, Aikawa meets a new unwelcomed guest in his home. This mysterious Vampire Ninja comes to disturb our hero peacefull undeath life.


We left last week with Aikawa, our zombie boy who also happens to be a maso-shojo, ending up in a bad spot. He was in girl costume in the middle of a school courtyard full of student with cellphones taking millions of pictures per minutes. Hopefully this will put Aikawa’s life into chaos and the story will evolved from that.

Or not, Aikawa, now a maso-shoujo, was able to erase the memory of everyone on the campus and save what was left of his dignity. This erase memory spell seems like quite the usefull spell in rape situations…I mean rare situation. Anyways. Aikawa is now proceeding with his peacefull life as before, no one attacked him for a couples of days so he’s quite happy with that. Also as an added bonus there is now Haruna making lunch for him when he goes to school. And will you look at that!

I would look pleased too if I could eat golden food

This is golden fried eggs, you eat it and you shit Gold Ingots later on, painful time on the toilet, but oh so worth it. Also it appears that when you eat it you get high. That Haruna sure is quite the cook when it comes down to fried egg.

After this succulent diner, Aikawa is back to the base where he has to do his slaves work, cooking for 3 people, or more like cooking for 3 people that eat like 20. During their diner something bizzare happens, some random girl appears at their table and ask to eat. Of course this being suspicious and threatening, no one at the table gives a shit and they continue like if nothing happenned, well that makes sense. Being the courteous girl that she is, this new women at the women introduced herself as being Seraphim the Vampire Ninja. Great, I mean we had a zombie, a necromancer and a maso-shoujo, what would we have done without a Vampire Ninja! Another thing the girl didn’t revealed, was that not only was she a Vampire Ninja, she actually was a Vampire Ninja Bitch. The girl is of the worst kind if you have a penis, she is respectful towards women but you might well be the best guy on earth she’ll treat you like shit. She also have a special ninja technique, which I am unsure of what it is, but it keeps on zooming on her breast when she talks about it so I really don’t need anymore information, that’s good enough for me.

Could you repeat that sword technique please? Just a couple more times...

So this new Vampire Ninja Bitch came from her ninja village to bring back Eucliwood with her to help her deal with the trouble she’s got back home. But Eucliwood having no reason to follow the bitch vampire ninja refuses the offer. The Vampire Ninja Bitch then conclude that she most become Eucliwood’s servant to succeed in her mission, and since our cute necromancer doesn’t want more than one servant, she will fight Aikawa to know who’s the strongest between the two.

TADADADADA BATMAN! Time for the fight. Now let’s get this fight over quickly, Zombie vs Vampire Ninja Bitch. Zombie wins because he cannot die, woohoo that was a fun fight. There were no panty shot so nothing interesting happenned in that fight. Seraphim declares herself vanquished and let Aikawa stay Eucliwood’s servant. But unknown to him, she decided that instead she would become Aikawa servants. Now naughty things pass throught my mind and saliva drips from the corner of my mouth, and Aikawa thinks the same thing as me.


But Vampire Ninja Bitch is a bitch before everything, so she can’t possibly act like a servant, in fact I don’t get how she even accepted she was defeated and accepted to become Aikawa servants since she can’t phatom being lower than him.

But bitch will be bitch and so she stayed a bitch and gave hell to Aikawa treating him like a waste of corpse.

At my pleasure, the episode didn’t ended here. We had a nice perfect backstory of how Aikawa and Eucliwood met. It happenned the night before Aikawa died, it was the first time Aikawa was able to “speak” to a girl and he was really overjoyed by his own success, but every times a miracle happens, something bad quickly follows, so he was killed by a serial killer mere moments later. Hopefully he met this necromancer and she brought him  back to life so he could become a zombie servant to the great Eucliwood Hellscythe.

For some the end. For him, that was his starting point

This is about as far as the episode got for this week, I was impressed with the st0ry. I was expecting this show to turn into pure humour and harem, but it looks like there is an underground story waiting to surface soon, let’s keep our hopes up for next week episode.

Things I liked about this episode:

– The backstory for this show is quite interesting, it is quite deeper than the rest of the show and gives the potential for an awesome season

– Aikawa’s fantasy of a servant were delicious, and quite similar to what I had in mind


The show is looking good and on the right tracks for a good season and maybe we’ll be surprised with an intrigate complicated story later on…or maybe this will turn into an ecchi-fest, we’ll know for sure soon enough.

Once again this was ZeroG, saying goodbye and seeing you next monday for the next episode of Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

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