Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? episode 7: Nice day for a White Wedding


A new girls appears, she is a vampire ninja, she belongs to Seraphim’s rival clan. But when Ayumu meets this new girl, he skips multiple steps in their relationship and reach a point of no return he did not foresee.



The episode starts with Haruna trying to explain to Ayumu how to do a simple mathematic problem, but Haruna is a genius and instead explain to Ayumu life, the universe and everything. After this Ayumu is working on his exam which  he seems to be doing fairly well, while meanwhile Haruna is just hanging out in front of the windows, with just about no clothes on, and with wind. I think it is a fair assumption to consider Haruna an exhibitionist.

She can't complain if someone is taking a look from down below, she's asking for it.

Later on Ayumu has to perform a perilous journey to reach his combat against vile megalo. He must travel the city under intense sunlight, I feel quite empathic to his cause, I fear sunlight as much as him. But when he finally arrives at the scene of battle he arrives just in time to save Haruna from a perverted horse, rumor as it that it is the same horse used in 2 guys one horse.

But a big horny horse was not enough, an army of jellyfish comes into play with their TENTACLES !!!  They used their TENTACLES!!! to Tentacle RAPE! Haruna and Ayumu, it was rather entertaining for the few seconds it lasted.


But as soon as everyone where enjoying their rape and everyone was enjoying themselves, a blond girl popped out of nowhere and started shooting ramen at everything killing all the awesome tentacles jellyfish, I’m sad. So we now have this new girl, Maelstrom, she’s a vampire ninja, but she’s of sera’s opposing camp. Thing is, Ayumu doesn’t seem to realize that she is a girl, and end up falling on her, kissing her and touching her boobs. At least he understood she was a girl after realizing she had boobs, that’s already a start.

Ayumu sure doesn't lose any time with those things

Now Maelstorm doesn’t seems to mind about that too much, she sure looks uneasy, but she seems to enjoy it too. She seems to have become suddenly quite fond of Ayumu after that kiss. And it is not long before we learn why. In ninja tradition you are destined to marry the first person you kiss, it is a rule, no emotion involved. So Ayumu just got a new waifu. Now It might be interesting to see what kind of trouble will happen from this romance between everyone now. Haruna is in love with Ayumu, Eucliwood is Ayumu’s master and Sera hates both Ayumu and Maelstrom. I believe this will leads to some interesting harem trouble in the very near future

Things I liked about this episode:

– Maelstrom is quite cute I must say



Well it looks like after the last few weeks intense story development and serious matter the show is back to his original harem/comedy/ecchi style. While It is disappointing because the last few episodes were amazing, this episode was still not bad, It was quite enjoyable in a different way. Now the only thing I am worried about is the amount of new girls that will be introduced, I hope maelstrom will be the only one, otherwise we’ll end up with over 10 girls in the show in no times.


ZeroG signing off

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