Kore wa Zombie desu ka? episode 9: Harbinger of Death Blackmailed


The King of Night is menacing Eucliwood to obtain his most precious wish, meanwhile Aikawa and his friends needs to defeat the monsters summoned by Eucliwood twisted emotions.


Eucliwood  disappeared, Haruna, Sera, Maelstrom and Ayumu are now looking for her, but she is not lost. In fact she is well aware of what she is doing. The King of Night, Hellscythes last zombie servant turned bad and now he’s back for something, He tells Hellscythes that he wishes something that only her can provide. It must be kinky sex, I’m sure of it. Because Hellscythe had so much fun with everyone, this old acquaintance of hers was able to locate her power. And now this monster is slowly showing what kind of trouble he could bring to those whom she loves. He proceed to detach the great wheel from its joints and send it rolling straight on Ayumu. Now obviously the guy’s a zombie, but otherwise he would have been crushed to death. Seeing this Hellscythes falls in a struggle to keep her emotions in check, but she fails and unleash a monster!


This giant doll is an immovable force of cuteness, but it falls straight on Haruna who’s now stuck under it. To make matters worse not even Ayumu super natural power can move the beast an inch. But hopefully Dai-sensei appears, as naïve as ever and shoot the giant doll meters away by shooting an effortless lazor beam! I’m sure Dai-sensei will one day betray everyone and control the world, she seems to naïve, she must be hiding something ! Anyway past that, now Haruna’s free, but Maelstrom got stuck under doll. They can’t possibly save her , but hopefully they don’t need to, Maelstrom goes insane mode and get out herself.

Only problem with this? The girl is in some kind of trance, she has lost her soul to the gigantic I’m not sure what that is standing behind her.

Not sure what that is, but it sure kick some serious ass

Now that super minion of chaos and destruction is trying to blow up the whole town, but hopefully Dai-sensei gets Ayumu his chainsaw so he can get in his cosplay outfit and at least die without any pride left.

Using his super cuteness power Ayumu breaches the shield surrounding Maelstrom, but doing so only pissed off the super minion even more, he now started its self destruction sequence. Ayumu decides to risk it all and breach the beasts final defense and reach Maelstrom…just in time to safe both of their lives. Now the robot-thingy, back in control because Maelstrom is not crazy anymore, shuts down and go back inside Maelstrom.

The King of Night, content with the show, gives his last warning to the Harbinger of Death and disappear, Dai-sensei doing the same when she saw she couldn’t discuss with The King of Night now that he is gone. Hellscythes goes back to the ground and meet her friends with the straight cold face she always wears.

On their way back everyone seem to have forgotten anything that just happened, for them fighting giant doll or saving someone from a giant death robot is too mainstream for them to care.

But on their way back Eucliwood tell them to go back before her, that she wanted a lunch. Thing is, She never intended to go back, she ran away, she figured the best way to protect everyone was to leave them, far from the danger she represents.

But Ayumu and his friends won’t let her go that easily, they are determined to run after her and take her back with them.

Things I liked about this episode:

– Seeing emotions coming from Hellscythe is quite shocking

– The King of Night looks even darker than I previously believed


This episode revealed to be quite interesting, and most of all, Hellscythe is now gone, I already fear what will happen when she sees her friends again, the terror that will spawn from the emotion. But what I am even more intrigued about is the nature of The King of Night wish.

We’ll learn more about all of those in next week episode I guess eh?

ZeroG signing off

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