Kotoura-san episode 1 First Impression: Best Show Yet!

absolutely rejected

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started Kotoura-san, but I never expected to be thrown to tears only to laugh a few minutes later. This show is serious drama if I know one. I know that the drama might be mostly something of the past, but having the opportunity to have a story which follow a monster, an outcast of society, it is something most interesting and refreshing. I could watch a whole season of this even if it were to turn into a slice of life school anime…and I hate those usually.


The characters are something absolutely new, the show has a real and profound approach to the concept of telepathy and it makes everything even more enjoyable. The more painful is someone life, the more happy and warm you feel inside when things gets better for them. This is the case for Kotoura-san, at the end of the episode I surprised myself laughing and absolutely loving the absolute idiot that is Manabe. I usually absolutely hate dim and completely stupid characters, but in this setting, in this show, I could come to love someone has deficient as Manabe.


At the beginning of the episode and for the whole first 10 minutes of the show, I was working so hard not to cry. The hardship and cruelty that Kotoura had to endure was inhuman. It is already one thing to be rejected, but when you can read the evil thought that everyone has about you, it makes things even worse. Not only did everyone rejected her, even if people didn’t talk to her she still managed to hear their insult and all the bad things they thought about her. It must have been constant humiliation, constant insult. Even a saint would not be able to live a sane life through those conditions. I must admit that I am surprised Kotoura never went into some kind of killing frenzy, after all she has the power to manipulate anyone at will and she cannot be manipulated. She could just go to a quiz show for kid and win lots of money only to spend it on gun and make a huge rampage. It won’t be like the police could do anything against her, she’ll know before hand everything they plan to do.

all alone

I was expecting to see a boring romance, but this show is the real deal, this show has the serious tone and serious issue that I am looking for in an anime. Add to it the fact that she can read every guys perverted thought and you get a perfect show where seriousness, tears and sexiness all mix together to create something beyond enjoyable.

kotorou naked

I will be watching this show, I will be blogging this show. It is too good to pass and I recommend it to just about anyone as I feel that even if it were to turn to the worse, the character of Kotoura-san alone can make this show an incredible watch.
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