Kotoura-san episode 10: A Clue ! A Clue !


alright, so it seems like Mifune was so obsessed with cleaning her mothers name that she was ready to be the bait in something this dangerous, but there is something even more messed up with all this. Kotoura was called by the police man and she specifically told them where to go if they want to get caught, and they did go, and the criminal was waiting for them. It really does seem like they were set up, everything went according to the criminal and this means that there might be some corruption in the police or the criminal is someone who could have known the relationship between Kotoura and the detective. Now Mifune is in danger and for some reason I doubt she will get into any real trouble, but hey, the episode needed a pointless cliffhanger to end the episode so why not.


It just seems like every cliffhanger in this show are completely pointless and leads to nothing, I was expecting from last episode cliffhanger that Moritani was way more involved in the crime than what she actually was. I’m really saddened that her situation improved so quickly and that her state of mind went from absolutely chaotic and destroyed to cheerful in a matter of 3 minutes total. I mean, can’t someone suffer for more than 2 second in this show? It just seems that any time some kind of drama dawns on the character something happens to cheer them up or they just magically cheer up for no reason because they can’t be unhappy for more than 30 seconds.

traumatize moritani

Now back tot he case. There is something really fishy with this case. There were a lot of victims in this crime and none of them were kill. Further more, all of them must have seen their attacker and no one told the police who it was yet? Are the victim really still in such a bad shape that they can’t communicate any information to the police? That really sounds unlikely. I just can’t get to trust that woman detective. She looks way too dumb for the position she has, there is definitively something she is hiding, otherwise she is just the dumbest person there is. Yet that girl can’t be the criminal, otherwise Kotoura would have known, but she might be linked to the criminal and give him precious information that helps him to accomplish his crime and then hide his identity.  Or maybe she has a double personality and this is why Kotoura was unable to read her mind and understand how evil she was. I really want that girl to be evil, because otherwise she’d be such a  lousy character. Hopefully next episode we learn how evil she is…she did everything because no schoolgirl ever wanted to be her friend mouahaha!

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