Kotoura-san episode 11: Bullshit criminal arrested


Holy shit this show is so lame, I can’t believe that all the build-up and all the trouble was solved that way. I cannot believe how extremely cheesy and lame this was. I was so excited about the fact that finally Kotoura was in deep trouble and that should wouldn’t be able to easily escape from danger this time around and things ends up like that? This is just a load of bullshit, I cannot believe I even watched this show for this long considering how lame everything was past the third episode or so. The show completely missed the mark for me and I’m glad that next episode is the last episode because I wouldn’t even blog this if there was but one more episode than that.

bad police woman bad

I don’t understand how Kotoura never manage to read her thought, even if she has a personality disorder when she switched personality she should have been open-minded to Kotoura and she should have known that the strike was coming the first time around. Not only that, she should have been able to read her mind and discover who she was much earlier. Further bullshit is the fact that Manabe managed not only to find the building in time, even though he still had not found it even when Tsukino started running after Kotoura. At that point Kotoura was running the stairs upward as fast as she could and even though she had a “lengthy” conversation with Tsukino, I doubt he could climb those stairs that fast, even less know that Kotoura was upstairs and not at the apartment like she should. And when we get to that point, Tsukino was hitting Kotoura to knock her unconscious or kill her and yet Manabe was able to stop the attack with only one his arm? It was shown before that Tsukino was even stronger than Moritani, there is no way that Manabe should have stand a chance against her. Also why does Tsukino uses a stick to try and kill Kotoura instead of a knife?


I just can’t stand this show anymore, the amount of bullshit and lameness in it is incredibly high and while I could understand at first that school life was simply not my genre, this is not a question of genre anymore it is just straight up bullshit. The only elements worth seeing this episode were those that were absolutely unrelated to Kotoura. Moritani admitted her love for Manabe and she was rejected and I think that that scene was the only thing worth watching of the whole episode.


This episode was supposed to be a great finale for the show and it was only a great disappointment for me, why must this show turn so bad…I just don’t get it.

ZeroGhj signing off

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