Kotoura-san episode 12 [Final] : They were happy and lived together forever after

nearly kiss

I wanted to bash this episode some more for this episode, but the final was actually worth the watch and I don’t really have anything bad to say about it.If anything I wish the show started and finished the same way it did, but if only everything in the middle wasn’t so bad too !

tone deaf

The episode had a perfect mix of drama resolution and comedy and it really gave a perfect conclusion to the story. There was no ambiguity left, everything seemed resolute and if anything the only thing missing in that ending was a kiss between Kotoura and Manabe. The two of them are at a point where they could easily kiss each other without making it weird in any way. They have been in deep love with each other for a while now and it even felt like things were dragging out a bit at the end, no progress was made even though everything was setup for it. I really wish this show could have been about 6 episodes instead of 12 and it would have made the pacing much better already. This episode is what the show should have been all about from the beginning, a resolution to all her problem, a happy ending that gives a human side to her mother, a romantic conclusion to her romance and a friendly resolution for every single character.


Speaking of her mother, that girl is such a child and an imbecile that it really shows that they are mother and daughter. Kotoura’s somehow manage to end up with a series of bad man and she also acts like a complete child all the time. She is abusing her child all the time to hide her the fact that she is weak, she runs away from her problem instead of fighting and she always put the blame on others for her own weaknesses and mistakes. In reality Kotoura’s mother is a complete failure at life and it might explain why Kotoura was the same for the most part (I’d even say she still is). Just look at Kotoura now, the only reason she is making anything of her life and that she isn’t just dying inside anymore is because her friends are there to support her. If it weren’t for that she would roll into a small ball and end it here, she wouldn’t try to change her situation even if a chance to do so was to fall from the sky out of nowhere.

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Now that Manabe-kun is officially with her she now stands a chance in life, she has a stupid and perverted man to be there for her and push her to be happy and live her life like she should. I’m really glad that the show decided to go for a clear ending instead of trying to pull off a second season, the story is pretty much all done and it already felt dragged at some point so I definitively don’t want to see any more of this show. Next week I’ll have to review the whole show and it might not get a review as positive as I just gave this episode.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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