Kotoura-san episode 2: Welcome to the Club


I was afraid that this show would lose in drama and intensity after the first episode, after all the first episode was grandiose, I was not disappointed one bit with this second episode. The same intensity, same humour, same dramatic perspective on a super power, this show looks far more promising than any other show, that’s not a sequel, this season. I was honestly surprised to see that this episode was just as painful and emotionally charged as the first one, I was not expecting this level of awesomeness to stay after the initial premier.


I’m really surprised how many girls are after Manabe, the guy is stupid and a huge pervert. I’m not a girl, but he doesn’t look that attractive either. He might have a big heart, but he is way too stupid to realize the consequence of his actions, therefore he is only really an honest stupid pervert. While I dislike the “stupid” part, I most admit I love every single bit of the rest of his personality. His constant sexual fantasy just make me smile each times and I can perfectly relate to those. On another positive note all those sexual fantasy keeps the show away from an ecchi while still including some juicy scenes that go formidably well in my screencap collection.

sexual fantasy 2

It seems that even though it is only the second episode we have finally met every major character of the show, which isn’t a bad thing if you ask me. This just make it so we’re sure nothing will turn into some kind of reverse harem of some sort. Now even though every character were introduced, we still don’t have a clue who most of them really are. We learned a lot about Mifune’s past in the episode, but it is still really unclear what her true intention really are. We know that she wants to avenge her family honour and her mother’s name in some way, but how does she plan to use Kotoura for that purpose is still unknown. I have a feeling that she is not plotting something, because considering Kotoura’s power it would be really difficult to deceive her in any way. I’m just not sure how pure Mifune’s plan really is.


Meanwhile another interesting character we met today was Muroto, that little midget of a vice-president which we know just about nothing of. The guy is quiet, looks like a small rat with glasses and his intention, purpose and morals are all extremely vague right now. At the moment he acts like a balancing character to make sure every chairs are filled in the clubroom, but otherwise I have a feeling that his involvement in the show might increase far more in the near future.


Speaking of the clubroom, it sure is nice and tidy I guess. The locks on the door, the graves and mummies for decoration, I wonder why there is so few members there. It seems suspicious to me that the direction of the school allowed the student to decorate such a clubroom this way, especially the multiple locks. I just feel like letting kids alone in a creepy room which they can lock isn’t such a great idea in a school environment, but hey ! Who am I to say what is right or wrong, it is an anime and the kids are enjoying themselves.

super locked door

I am most curious to see how this show will continue in the future, even if it doesn’t get any better than this, it still beats everything else there is to watch this Winter.

ZeroGhj signing off

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