Kotoura-san episode 3: Jealousy hurts


This episode escalated quickly. This show just has his way of throwing me off with his perfect balance of cuteness, school life, romance and drama.  The first half of the episode was just a regular school life anime with a cute protagonist, I’m not the best with cuteness, I just feel like I don’t know how to handle it. Kotoura is so frail and easy to manipulate and tease even though she is able to read people’s mind. After all Muroto was able to completely have manipulate her into thinking that he was about to kill her and she couldn’t see the truth in it. It seems that while she is able to read minds, she cannot read people’s true intention, if people are making up a story in their head, she can only see the story and she is not able to differentiate the truth from the lies. This means that she could so easily be manipulated contrary to what I previously thought of her.


Meanwhile, this episode we got to see just how much Moritani is an absolute bitch. To use her power as a dojo mistress to have 4 big dude destroy Manabe’s dumb face. How fucked up must you be to send people to rough up the person you love? Look I’m a guy and therefore I cannot understand how it is to be a psychopathic teenage girls in the middle of a heartbreak, but I believe that jealousy would lead her to hate Kotoura, not Manabe. Why would her insane, twisted little head think it to be a good idea to rough up Manabe? She wants to hurt him as much as she was hurt? The guy is too stupid to care about how roughed up he was anyway. Manabe seems more than happy to be in the hospital surrounded by pretty nurse, Moritani won’t have accomplish nothing in the end, she only damage her reputation and the face of the guy she loves.

moritani terrified

In the end there were some repercussion to what she did though, since now Kotoura decided to run away. The girl was already scarred in the past and now those wound have reopened because of the recent event which happened. Even though she is in such need for attention, even though she is dying to have a friend, she decided to run away to avoid Manabe any more pain. She would rather be alone and miserable on her own than see someone she likes get hurt instead of her. She might look cute, but she is really strong and selfless. I wish for her to eventually find the strength to find though, to stop running away and instead to use her love and selflessness to fight for what she loves and wants to protect. She has so many gift in life that she should be able to protect everyone and everything she wants, she just need to find that strength.

don't go

Next episode I expect Manabe to get off his sorry ass and find Kotoura to save her, even though he was the one taking the physical hit, she was the one who was psychologically harmed there and it is his job to make sure she comes back to reality. Go dumb prince, go save the princess !

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