Kotoura-san episode 4: Creepy Grandfather

perverted grandfather kotoura

I’m so afraid of this show, I love it so much, I love the drama, love the characters, love everything about it. I’m just so scared that the show will decline in quality over time, I’m always scared that it will turn into a school anime more than anything else, I don’t want that to happen. It has only been 4 episodes and this episode was already worth being a final of a whole season. This had the necessary intensity to be a final episode, everything is back to normal and Moritani has finally apologized and changed into a much more decent person. Her apology must of been so embarrassing for her, especially considering how prideful she is and how stupid she used to be. But the one apology that I would have much rather have seen is the one from the 4 dudes of the dojo. We were only shown a small 5 seconds clip with no audio of that apology but it looked like something you can only see in anime, because even actors wouldn’t be able to pull off something that embarrassing. Just think about it, those 4 buff guys took order from a high school girl to beat up some random guy. They were even beaten up pretty badly after they did so…and now they realize that the one they beat up wasn’t a stalker. He was in fact the guy that little high schooler loved and she did that because of childish jealously. How can you even justify your virility after something like that. The shame must be unbearable.

formal apology

In other news, Manabe is so stupid it defies the law of probabilities. I must give some immense props to the writer of this manga because to have such a stupid character look so awesome is something really hard to pull off. I absolutely hate retarded character and Manabe falls exactly into that category, but somehow I cannot even begin to hate him. He is so true of heart and has such determination and confidence that it is difficult to hate on the guy. I must admit that is perverted side even helps me identify with him a bit more than I should.

fire manabe kotoura

Now that I’ve talked about the character that I surprisingly love, I just have to talk about Kotoura’s grandfather, that guy is absolutely terrible. I have trouble with pedophilia in Japanese anime, but that was even worse than that. The grandfather is obsessed with erotic thought of his granddaughter, the age difference, the family link, the honest and horrific thought…it just makes me hate the guy. He creeps me out ! Why would the show need someone like this? We have enough of Manabe who’s a big pervert, we don’t need an overage and incestuous version of him. It just sickens me even more to see that Kotoura complies to his request, he uses that girls innocence and kindness to get sexual favour out of her. It is simply so wrong and I really wish I didn’t had to see that poor little girl be so abused by someone in her family like that.

creepy grandpa

Overall this episode was excellent and I seriously hope that the next one will bring me just as much joy and will be just as much fun to blog. The characters are what I am looking for and great character is what that show just keep on giving me, I’m in a constant state of bliss thanks to Kotoura-san.


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