Kotoura-san episode 5: the end?


The episode begins with a big “The end”, Kotoura-san finished at the beginning of this episode and it really showed. Most of the episode was just a regular cute school life anime. The drama was completely gone. Moritani suddenly changed camp hardcore and her personality changed so much that it looks gross. The girl was a bitter tsundere who never cried and now suddenly she shows her own emotion and doesn’t take revenge for every single thing that happens to her. She let herself be bullied by the other club members and she cries when Kotoura-san is mean to her instead of going into a violent frenzy.

moritani crying

Just what the hell happened for this intense drama that was Kotoura-san to turn into this boring nonsensical school life cuteness. I loved this show mainly for the dramatic elements, I cannot stand school life /slice of life shows. I might be overreacting right now because a single episode had no drama in it, I can understand that drama cannot occur every single episode and that some cooldown period or ramp up needs to happen. Yet we already know that next episode will be a beach episode and if my ages of anime watching told me anything, it’s that nothing ever comes out of beach episode except for romance, harem and ecchi. Fanservice episode at their best. Therefore I assume that for at least 2 episodes the show will be a brainless, emotionless show that I have no reason to care about.

super squad

There is a triangle of power that has been formed and for some reason no one seems to mind. Moritani want Manabe but so does Kotoura, yet for some obscure reason Kotoura doesn’t seem threatened in any way and she doesn’t mind at all that Moritani is heading for the same guy she is. On the contrary she is defending Moritani from Manabe and his complete lack of diplomacy and conversation skill.Meanwhile Manabe only has eyes for Kotoura and for some reason I doubt that this fact will ever change. The two of them are already so obviously in love with each other and honest about it that there really isn’t any reason for them not to go out together yet. Why are they waiting so long to make it official is beyond me, they already sleep one on top of each other and they are only seconds away from constantly hugging. Hell, Manabe already mentally had sex with Kotoura thousands of time and she witnessed all of his fantasy…they pretty much are intimate by now.

naked guy

I seriously hope that this boring drama-less streak won’t last long because I know that my tolerance for so much nothing won’t be limitless. I hoped to cry watching this show, not have a cuteness overload.

ZeroGhj signing off

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