Kotoura-san episode 6: Beach episodes are lame episodes

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This show is getting worse by the second, it had such a great start yet now I fear we won’t be allowed to get any drama until the very end of the season and that mean that this show is officially dead to me. I hate school life shows and show that focus on cuteness more than anything else. That show started with such a dramatic vibe that it is just cruel to have it end like that and completely change direction so suddenly. I have a feeling I’m watching the bonus fanservice episode of a show that ended 2 years ago. While I was the one pumped to watch Kotoura-san this season and even if I was the one who declared it “the only good new show of the season” I fear like I’ll have to backtrack on what I previously said and obviously declare that this season is a complete lost cause. The only shows with any kind of potential are second seasons or the end of the fall season.


This episode of Kotoura just showed us at what point the show was now devoid of any content, it seems that the last dramatic element in the show is Kotoura’s mother and she will appear once again next episode, but judging from the previews the show will immediately dismiss her as a source of drama to instead incorporate her into the whole happy-cuteness overload that this show is turning out to be. Is there really anyone anymore who really care about this show? I really do wonder. I might not blog it until the end of the season if things turn out to continue like this for too long since it is a complete waste of time just to watch it.


At first I find funny that Kotoura’s grandfather was so rich, but now it is just ridiculous and not even realistic in the slightest anymore. The show has turned from a dramatic-realistic drama to a gag show with no content or purpose. It is really sad to see such great potential vanish in a matter of second because of the way things are turning out.

theme park

I’m uncertain if it is only because I never paid enough attention to it before, or if it is new that the ending features Kotoura sliding on her chest and contemplating her complete lack of boobage, but it was really unfunny and it just help me remind how shallow the show had become overall. I hope this show gets better soon because my attitude won’t stay positive long if I’m served with crap like those every week from now on.

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