Kotoura-san episode 7: Sexy Time

sex play

The more things go the more I think this show simply wasn’t meant for me. While the show was arguably much better this episode than it was for the past 2 episodes, it definitively didn’t hit the spot for me. The level of drama is gone and now replace with simple cute scenes and high school romance. The show simply never went the way I hoped it would go and now I feel bad commenting on it because it is clearly not the show for me. I guess I should change sex and get a couple of years younger and I should be exactly in this show target audience.

long time friendship

Surprisingly this episode carried a lot of ecchi with it. Considering the show seems to be mostly made for a cuteness factor and aimed toward a female audience I’m not so sure anymore why there was such a lewd focus this whole episode. At first the grandpa and Manabe spent most of their day digging a mixed bath and for some reason they seemed so sad of striking oil. What makes me the most confused is that the grandpa wasn’t aware that his own mixed bath was under construction…even though he was the owner. What was even weirder was how he didn’t ask to enter either way, since you know, he owns the place.


Meanwhile Moritani managed to make some kind of super memory erasing aphrodisiac with just common vegetables. I must admit I had no idea what was going on at first, I thought I had been transported in some of Manabe’s fantasy, but even for his fantasy that was ridiculously weird. Took me until we saw that the president was watching them for me to realize that that scene was actually going on and I think I was even more confused than when I didn’t knew what was going on. I knew that Moritani’s cooking was terrible, but I never expected for things to turn into an orgy. It is always kind of concerning to think that she managed to do something any drug dealer would kill to get their hands on.

manaba x vase

On a different note, everyone always assumed that Manabe was absolutely stupid, but he seriously surprised me this episode. He seemed to have memorize more than the first 10 digits of pi, I myself only know the first 8. I am pleasantly surprised that he was able to say all those digits from memory, no one could do that without a lot of practice. My admiration for Manabe was just created and I must admit that I respect him a lot more now that I know he can do more than imagine thousands of different fetish in his head.


Hopefully in a couple episode we will be granted a better episode that involves less ecchi and romance and more drama, but I somehow doubt that the show will ever take this route again until the end unfortunately.

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