Kotoura-san episode 8: Rape Date

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Kotoura lost her powers. I was hoping it was only during the time of the cold, an excuse to have Manabe do all sort of perverted thing without being found out, but it turns out that it might end up more permanent than expected in the end. From the look of things I wouldn’t be surprised if this sudden lack of power lasted for longer than a single episode. Although at the end of the episode it seemed as if her power were returning, so maybe my first impression was wrong after all. The show’s poor attempt at making drama happen at the very end of the episode was pathetic at best since that fall was so random and unexplained that it is difficult to feel any distress from it. Kotoura went through so much worse yet, now it just seems that her mind was mentally abused.


If I were to guess what happened at the end, I would say that some kind of murder happened nearby and Kotoura felt the pain and distress of the victim, therefore ending in the same state as her assailant. It would also explain the “suspense and seriousness” that are hinted at for the next episode. If Kotoura is involved as a witness on a crime scene she might have to collaborate with the police and that just reeks of tension and problematic. Meanwhile the club president is probably dying for something like this to happen. She can prove that ESP really do exist with Kotoura and therefore avenge her mother untimely death and find the real culprit. At least I believe that is her plan eventually, she is straight up inside the friendzone and so deep into it that she might just have to give the guy an instant blowjob for him to realize that she is a girl. Although I do admit it could be difficult to achieve considering the guy is always sitting somewhere reading a book.

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Now let’s go back to the episode itself. Most of the episode centered around 2 things: – Kotoura had a fever and then just went on a date with Manabe. I don’t really care for the two event themselves, but I do love how Manabe fought endlessly with himself to stop the perverted impulse from reaching his head. I could totally relate with him and moment like these. A man cannot simply stop being a pervert, it is especially harsh of the club members to actually punish him for having only though and fantasy of those things. I mean it is not like he actually did anything to Kotoura, he was there in the end to hold her hand, he cooked her food and fed her. How can they complain to him that he was taking advantage of her in any way? If anything Manabe had to work 10 times harder to actually manage to do everything he did for her and somehow he got hit in the stomach multiple times for that.


This word is unjust, Manabe should have just raped Kotoura, the punishment wouldn’t have been much worse but at least he wouldn’t have suffered twice in row.

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