Kotoura-san episode 9: Drama…or not

mother and daughter

For once I was expecting this episode to become especially interesting considering that some criminal affair was underway, but it seems that it was a complete let down. Yes I do understand that everything will happen next episode, but that’s what last episode made us believe too and nothing happened for this one ! I gave this show a lot of credit when it began and I had high hopes for it, it is not like Kotoura can’t have any drama, the first few episode were filled with it, the show even have everything set up for some drama to happen; Kotoura’s mother reappeared, Moritani is now involved in some kind of crime, the president might be able to accomplish her goal soon with the way Kotoura is involved with the police. With everything set up so perfectly I would seriously expect for this show to actually give me something worth watching.


I mean last episode I was expecting that Kotoura witnessed someone being killed, but it turned out that the person was only “getting hurt”. How lame is it that nothing worth it happened in the end?  I understand that this show is aimed towards kid more than anything else, but I’d still like to see something serious happen before the end of the season. It just seems like Kotoura is now invincible because she has a handful of friends. No matter what terrible things happens around her doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

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I absolutely hate that this show has everything going so wrong and yet nothing bad is actually happening, I want things to fail, I want to see Kotoura cry, I want to see everyone suffer because of her power. This show had such great promised but it was ruined because the intensity was lost and replaced by stupid school life childish romance. The show has only a handful of episode left, it will be its time to shine and get back on track, otherwise you can kiss my sanity goodbye as I will drink profusely until I can forget how bad this show turned out after the incredible first few episode it had.


I won’t even bother going into juicier detail about this episode, I’ll save my finger energy and just wait for an episode with actual content before I type anything more for this show.

ZeroGhj signing off

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