Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus episode 1 [First Impression]: Back to Basics

kuroshitsuji sebastian demon


Ciel Phantomhive prepares for a business meeting with a man looking to get rid of “the Guard Dog of the Queen”. Sebastian however notices this, and while fixing the mistakes of the other servants manages to defeat the entire squadron sent to eliminate Ciel at 8 o’clock. The man then gets a special goodbye, in the form of a Demon sent to make him disappear forever.


Woot, it’s back!! After a 4 year gap, Kuroshitsuji comes back in full force, with once again all the characters that we know and love.

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To begin with, for those who are completely confused with the way the story is going because they only follow the anime, an explanation is necessary. In the manga, Kuroshitsuji originally doesn’t end the way it did in the first season of the anime; in fact, the anime splits apart somewhere around episode 10, right after the funeral of Madame Red, in order to make its own original story. While this did work immensely well, people were quite angry at this separation; none the less, Kuroshitsuji came back in 2010 for a second season, where it once again followed its own storyline with no relation to the manga whatsoever. This third season, however, goes right back to its roots, and intends to cover a specific part of the manga: the Circus Ark. Therefore, although it is technically a part of Kuroshitsuji, this season has no correlation whatsoever to anything that may have happened after episode 10 of the first season; for those who haven’t read the manga, just consider it as a completely separate season.

kuroshitsuji sebastian hotThis first episode was great, and not so great in many ways. First of all, it was really interesting to see the mirroring of this episode to the first episode in the first season. The show purposely introduced all the characters of the main house in the same way they did for the first season, and it was pleasant to get a reminder of that while enjoying a short, happy introduction of the characters that we love. Some key points were also modified in order to provide us with something new as well, but overall the pattern was the same, and even some lines were repeated in the same way.

Unfortunately, however, this episode was solely an introduction. For a show which will last only 10 episodes, this episode was costly; probably worth the reminder after 4 years of what Kuroshitsuji is, but filler material does make me wonder if the show can afford to do so… Well, we’ll see in the next episode. kuroshitsuji ciel dinner

Being super extremely hyped for this hyperboles necessary, as a fan of the Kuroshitsuji anime and manga (unlike those hipster fags), I am certain to be watching this over the next 10 weeks. My blogging schedule is however packed and this may not make the cut, but since it is Black Butler after all, I might just make another exceptions (Exceptions will be the death of me, but whatever).

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