Kyoukai no Kanata episode 11: Mourning… For a Time

kyoukai no kanata akihito sadsies


Akihito, depressed about Mirai’s supposed death, wanders around sadly as he learns what happened to him before he went in a coma for three months. He then learns from his mother that, in fact, the girl he loves isn’t dead and that she is still fighting Beyond the Boundary in a parallel universe. With the help of others, he manages to join this universe, in an attempt to help Mirai defeat the Beyond the Boundary.


Man, I’m surprised; this episode was actually really awesome.

So it turns out that everything we thought was predictable was, in fact, not as bad as what was expected, and certainly not as predictable. Mirai’s lack of death was to be expected, but I’ll admit that I was quite surprised to see Beyond the Boundary still intact and fighting Kuriyama in a parallel universe; I guess this show just loves parallel worlds. Next thing you know, they will be time travelling, and then Mayuri will die and – Oh wait, wrong show. Not like Kyoukai no Kanata will ever be as good as Steins;Gate…

kyoukai no kanata mirai fightBut enough about tangents; let’s be serious about this review. Kyoukai no Kanata deserves all the seriousness in the… Man, I hate this show. But at least this episode was good. Director Taichi has done many episode directions before, and it shows in the way Kyoukai no Kanata is made; I feel like all the episodes barely connect together somehow, however they would all work very well by themselves (save a few really crappy ones.) This week, for example, we got a good view on how freakin’ badass Mirai could get; I mean, we knew that she was cool when she defeated the Hollow Shadow, but this time she surpassed her merits by a landslide when she was fighting that giant thing. Really, it’s too bad that her inconsistency in character is as apparent as the show’s incoherence; Mirai basically became the strongest Spirit Warrior in the span of two episodes, without really any warning to it. kyoukai no kanata akihito powersShe did beat the Hollow Shadow a few episodes earlier, but the way that she did pretty much made it seem like she only did it because her blood was the only thing that could kill it.

And now, Akihito has gone to save the day with what little powers he has; by that, I mean the powers he doesn’t have, because he literally doesn’t have anything except a smile to offer. I’m not too sure what to expect for next episode; will the show go the cliché route and have Akihito and Mirai cheese their way through victory? Somehow, I could see the show take a different turn, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Akihito somehow got back some of his powers in order to destroy… his own powers.  However they might do that is up to them… But if the Director wants to make a really punchy finale, then my guess is that doing it in this way would probably be the most bad ass outcome possible.kyoukai no kanata hug

Of course, I might just be getting my hopes up for no reason… But seeing the sudden raise in awesomeness in these last 2 episodes, I expect the finale to try and beat these two episodes; that means people who like this show are in for a treat.

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