Kyoukai no Kanata episode 12 [Final]: Damn, that was cool! Oh… Wait…

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blah blah spoilers Mirai dies but then she doesn’t, blah blah


Most. Disappointing. Ending. EVER. OH GOD. I expected it to be shitty, but I didn’t expect it to bring my hopes up before crushing them into little pieces.

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Alright, so just like I thought the show would go, in the end the Beyond the Boundary was defeated pretty much by Akihito’s powers… I didn’t think they would also try and cheese their way through by having him talk to the Beyond the Boundary into going back in his body, but hey, if we’re going to do something predictable, might as well do all the things predictable. Why not?

kyoukai no kanata mirai coolàThe fights scenes were very well animated in this last episode, leaving us truly with a final showdown feeling; I honestly felt like I was watching a great last episode which would provide a great conclusion to a *ahem*great show. To follow generic ways, the monster will be defeated, we will learn everything about Mirai and Akihito, and then they will stay together forever and have many children; at least, that’s the road I expected the show to have. What the show gave me actually surprised me a lot, and I honestly would have loved it if not for the last 3 minutes of the show.

The fact that the whole world went back to normal after defeating the Beyond the Boundary actually brings about themes which I did not think would be present at all in this type of show (I guess the surprise ties in with the overall bad consistency of the episodes). The idea of good and evil, and the idea that trying to defeat the evil part in yourself or in society causes only pain with no positive results, is quite a serious theme for such an optimistic show. The idea of good and evil is the only hypothesis I found to describe the themes involved, but I’ll admit I’m pretty sure there is more to this conclusion than what I have found, so if anyone has comments on that I’d greatly appreciate it.

kyoukai no kanata mirai cryBut enough about what I found cool in the episode, because it was literally all destroyed in the span of 2 minutes. When I saw Akihito climbing up those stairs like a maniac, and when I say Mirai come back to life, it felt like any serious or interesting theme brought about mere instants before this scene were suddenly given no meaning and thrown out the window in order to make a cheesy ending. With the comeback of Mirai, I feel like there wasn’t even a point to her death except stupid dramatic bullshit which meant nothing anyways because she came back to life. What the hell was the point of that? Why have a dramatic ending with a strong impact, and then change your mind all of a sudden and make the ending happier? Since when is this America? Honestly, the only non-cliche hypothesis I have for this scene is that it was used in order to send a message that defeating evil may in fact not be pointless, and to give humanity some hope in being a defender of justice. In the end though, even that doesn’t make sense… Because evil was not defeated at all. Mirai just happened to come back to life for no reason. What. the. Fuck.

kyoukai no kanata  akihito miraiNot only was this episode disappointing, it actually managed to bring my hopes up that the ending for this show would be great, only to have them completely destroyed afterwards. This attack on my feelings actually made me hate this episode a lot more than I would have otherwise, and I honestly have not seen such a terrible ending in a long time. Kyoukai no Kanata was an okay show; this ending made its ratings reach an all-time low in my mind.

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